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  1. It always 1 ml, more depend from how exactly you draw it up. Like Heavy said!
  2. Have a nice day Folk's!:)
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    Thanks for the info man, Balkan´s are 0,9
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    ty for clearing that up.
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  5. Actual form of athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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  6. Hi, they have a minimum of 1 ml.
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    You're welcome. is no problem :) and I hope you find what you are looking for.
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    Damn ! Dude is a beast
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    Achive my Package , had discret shipping but now i don’t know what pills are what Substance ?
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    Your Anavar on the domestic site pricing must be wrong retail is cheaper than over 500 and over 1000. It must be a mistake on your site
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    Also any tests yet on the primo 200
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    How long after you place an order does it take to get tracking info? When i log into my orders it says,

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    Tracking is uploaded to your dashbaord after it passes outgoing customs and the source feels it has been enough time to eliminate any risks to the business, shippers, and anyone else associated.
    Usually, in my experience, this takes a couple weeks. It is almost never less than one week (i think the source has explicitly said they purposely will never upload in less than one week).

    It has been discussed many times in great detail throughout this thread if you would like to see others' discussion and experiences.
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    I wills see if I can get hold of Frank and ask. I personally have no experience with discrete pills. Let me try to get more info. Also, you can always use the "Contact Us" on the website to get in touch with customer service directly.
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    here is the one I have in my records:

    Maybe try to search around here and on all boards as I think I remember seeing a custom post a more recent but I do not personally have it saved.
    All primo results I have seen where excellent.
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    On backside of blisters there is title of the product (it is printed on the foil backside of pill blister strips).
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    Hey Ger_1997,
    my package also arrived yesterday and I had the super discreet shipping, too. I don't want to tell too much details, but the discreet shipping is definitly a discreet shipping :) To answer your question. I had the same problem. The package, the blister, nothing had the name of the product on it. Even the foil on the backside of the pill blister is without any name or marking. BUT, check the inside of the paper package. There are 3 letters written which indicats the product :)
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    Thank you @Tremuser -- I personally do not have experience with discrete pills. I appreciate you helping :)

    @Ger_1997 if after this you need any further help, please feel free to Private Message me and I will try my best to help you.

    Thanks guys
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    Clever , Thanks ! Opened it on the wrong side, both :D
  20. Touchdown on all ordered products from the European warehouse. Even with orals coming in a separate pack, everything arrived to East coast US in less than three weeks.