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  1. Here we can also see correct active stuff
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    Thanks, i found it, very useful
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    i think hes not responding to emails
  4. Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    5 times champion of Moscow.
    Vice-champion of Russia.
    Vice-champion of Europe.
    Winner of the Bengalaru India Pro Qualifier.

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  5. Try to write to him, if there is no answer - write to me, I will help.
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    That's a good result. Thought your products were always being tested is why I asked for a up to date test on the primo 200 I already purchased 8 bottles of it from u because of your good background and good reviews.
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    This kid is an absolute Beast he must be your top athlete. He's got so many different looks as well. I know in the past you have posted with some of your athletes are running with their photos. It would be interesting to know what this kids on.
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    Good luck with that lol, I asked @Pharmacom Helper a couple months ago what it said Tattooed across his chest, he said he would ask him but I never got a reply :(
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  9. i translated what i believe it says, which to me looks like:
    "quod me nutrit me destruii"

    Which is Latin for:
    "what nourishes me destroys"
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  10. Will report to him... Maybe he lost you one or letter came to spam
  11. Hmmm, I remember that I already wrote, what on his tattoo...
  12. yes
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    Thanks @MisterSuperGod , I wasn’t sure what that language was. Just looked like a pretty bold statement right across his chest, like a life mantra or something. Guess it is a bold statement! Kind of goes with the All Or Nothing, don’t care if I live to see 40 mentality of a lot of guys today.
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    How long should it take for a tracking number to show up in the system after the number has been received?
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    Pretty sure I read on their site after it says it shipped it takes about a week for a tracking number...they will email it to you
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    I am confused regarding what you are asking.
    "after the tracking number is received" by this part do you mean you have already received the number?
    "how long should it take for a tracking number to show up in the system[?]" by this part, what "system" are you asking about? the postal system?

    are you asking how long after a tracking number is received does it usually take for the pack to start showing up in the postal service's tracking system?

    If so, it varies greatly... some a few days but sometimes a couple weeks before any update. In rare events I've seen packs update many time and nearly arrive or literally arrive before tracking was even received; likewise, there are some rare case where tracking never updates until the day the pack arrives (could be 3+ weeks, then suddenly it all updates).
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    Cycle was going good the first few weeks, but unfortunately I got very ill with pneumonia and needed to miss the gym to rest and recover.
    I am hoping to get back on path this week.

    Is a great stack, easy to run, only 2 pins a week to give a big cycle, and all are very smooth with ZERO PIP.
    1cc test500
    1cc Bold500
    1/2cc NAN-Deca300

    Maybe will be my new favorite. :)
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  18. Actual form of Sergey Kulaev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Absolute Champion of St. Petersburg 2016.
    Absolute Champion of Russia 2016.
    Absolute Champion Arnold Classic 2016.

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    Use to be on here a lot but went natural for over a year. Can somebody post the real Pharmacom link. I hear there are fake stores out there. I want to make sure I get official site. Thanks.
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    Here is my referral link to Basicstero (the ONLY direct from manufacturer Pharmacom store):
    and the Basicstero US domestic option:
    Here is the correct address of the company/brand website (not the store; Basicstero is the direct store from which purchases can be made) for checking codes and news etc:
    Other sites are FAKE (see news here):
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