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    yes, that is what they use the site for -- to have people check fake codes on counterfeits.

    Think about it. They do not lose sales. They already sold the fake from their fake re-seller. Then the fake re-seller refers customers to the fake company page to verify the seller and the product.

    By them having the fake page direct to the official store, it just further makes them look real.
    After all, look it is confusing some of you here -- so just think how effective it is to ignorant folks that have less access to info.

    I work for the real company and I am telling you guys these are fake site designed to scam. Look on the real company page (link in "code" box below) at the news section and it lists some of these known fake sites. Clearly they are fake, and they would not add things to their fake site unless it helped their goal is not to get new customers on the fake company page -- they already sold to the customer if he is even checking the fake page -- their goal is to look legit to fool people that buy from a fake official re-seller.
    Having a link to Basicstero fools people for the exact reason you guys are confused (why would a fake site want to advertise the real seller?) and makes the fake page seem more real and effective for verifying the fake sells and fake codes. Its a big scam well thought out.

    And, they have to produce counterfeits -- all this work means Pharmacom has such an excellent reputation that it is worth it for scammers to go to such great lengths.

    Hope that helps clarify.
    Take home message is that Pharmacom is awesome, worth people trying to fake, and the way to BEST be safe from the scam is to simply buy directly from Basicstero :)
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  2. What's up Folks?:)
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    Hi my friend!
    ok, if you are here, means it is late for me and I should be going to bed haha. I go now -- have a good day :)
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    Can i know the secrets too pls sir? What are your big athletes taking? Just curiosity and a little help for my prep. I remember you said 1:1 ratio test:nandro gave them the best results :)

    Pls, share with us more about this
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    Did my post go not noticed any test recently on the primo 200.
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    I do not personally have anything from this year. I can ask Frank when I talk to him if Pharmacom has any.

    I can not speak for others, but from my experience only a few guys read every page so if someone has a result they may not see your request. Usually, only people are coming to the thread when they want something and only post and maybe read the page they are current on.
    I say this because from my own experience, and seeing others post, we will see questions asked that have literally been answered one page earlier (or even a few posts earlier).

    If I find anything, I will remember you. But I am thinking it is not likely any testing from this year or I would have saved a copy or a link.
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    Thankyou for your reply
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    No problem brother.
    I thought I had a 2018 result, but I can not find it now.
    here is the most recent I personally have saved on file:

    I will keep looking though
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    Does anaboliclab still test your products? I see the last time they tested anything was from last year?
  10. Actual form of athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Vice-champion of Samson 90 kg 2016-2017.
    Vice-champion of Russia 90 kg 2017.
    Vice-champion of World 95 kg 2018.

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  11. Hi, we will publish this information, but a little later.

    If you have questions about cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
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  12. I will check this information and answer you a little later.
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    AnabolicLab is completely independent and not affiliated in any way with any source that I know of -- and, its testing is done anonymously.
    As such, no one knows what/if/when AnabolicLab will test anything.
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    Thank you very much
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    I know they are completely independent, I guess I want sure if it was a once a year type thing and if they were still actively testing products....thank you for clarification
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    I think they just raise donations and if/when they have enough funds they make random purchases and test. I don't know if it is a set schedule. I could be wrong though -- just my guess.
    Maybe they have a thread here somewhere and you can ask people involved in the project that may know more.
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  17. Hi, I didn't find a Prim 200, but there's a Prim 100.

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  18. Good night sweetheart:D:DBy the way, how it's going your cycle and so on?o_O
  19. A few month ago I show the cycle from one of the guy, on those photos...
    1:1 ratio, will be a good idea!!!
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