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  1. heavylifter87

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    How can the fakes be spotted ?
  2. RThoads

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    Thanks for always keeping us informed Frank! :)

  3. RThoads

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    some seem obvious, but other I think there would be no way to tell unless you are VERY experienced with the brand.
    Codes help if you are using the authentic site.

    But the BEST way to avoid all of this is just to buy directly from Basicstero.
  4. Hi, if you need help, write to me, I will do my best to help.
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    Fuck that jump me in holmes
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    Make sure to check email spam folder in case the reply gets filtered as spam.
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    The test P looks very legit?
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    Hello, the 7 days waiting for tracking is also applicable for domestic Europe?
    I'm asking for 2 reasons fist I love tracking things, I'm an anxious guy second, sometimes it's possible that the order arrive before the 7 days.

    All the best
  10. Have a nice day Folks!:)
  11. Sir PM me your order N and I will do my best!;)
  12. Good advice, RThoads, as always:cool:
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  13. Couchlockd1

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    Just received my order I placed on 18th of April

    Basic went above and beyond.

    They really hooked a brother up!

    I'm not going to go into exactly what they did but let's just say if you order from these people a few times they take care of you like no one other
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    Congrats on TD :)
    Enjoy brother
  16. Turbo charged

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    Do u have recent test results on your primobolan 200mg. Not from years ago.
  17. janoshik

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    Customer provided me with info that this was a pill purchased from basicstero and there was a fairly obvious logo on the pills too.

    Allowed me to post this here, maybe he'll chime in himself at some point.

    Test Report #03226.png
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  18. Turbo charged

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    I ordered at least 5 times I never got anything extra you must be special
  19. Norse13

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    Thanks Jano, it was hard to anonymize the pills without scraping off the logo, which would have reduced the amount slightly and thus slightly thrown off your measurements. Perhaps i could have crushed them and wrapped them like a wrap of coke.
    Nevertheless, I'm a happy customer of Basicstero (where I bought them from), tabs are spot on for my wife, very good communication, some issues came up and I was treated like gold. Basicstero went out of their way to rectify it.
    Very good communication with Jano too, I'll happily send over any other gear that are important enough to warrant testing.
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  20. janoshik

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    Generally, any manipulation with pills is a bad idea regarding results.

    However, considering the fact that Pharmacom uses literally anybody but me for analyses, I think you can safely conclude there is no positive bias for them :D

    Thank you for the review, much appreciated.