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  1. Hi, if you have questions about cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
  2. Hi, if you have questions about cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
  3. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    Glad you are happy with things and thanks for the positive feedback. I am confident you will enjoy the products :)
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  5. What's the reasoning for the mid cycle upscaling of dosages?
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    How much did you gain on first cycle ? Was diet and training as good as it could have been ? Could do just 600 test second cycle then later down road 3rd cycle add deca. Always try to use as little as possible and get the most gains
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    Want to Start with Low Dose and what sides and Gains i can get with this amount before i use more gear
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    Gained 13Kg and 120KG on my total.
    Zero Sides and No AI needed

    Only Reason for Deca is only more amount of gear with less sides + the experience Part.
  9. Sergey Kulaev - PRO Athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Absolute Champion of St. Petersburg 2016.
    Absolute Champion of Russia 2016.
    Absolute Champion Arnold Classic 2016.

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    Theoretically, if someone were to place an order with you and that item shows as shipped, how long before that person would get a tracking number associated with that shipment? Asking for a friend.
  11. Steve84

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    I've noticed like 7-14 days.
    I believe always after it leaves country.
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  12. Hi, I will check this information and write to you a little later.
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    Have a good weekend everyone :)
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  14. Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    5 times champion of Moscow.
    Vice-champion of Russia.
    Vice-champion of Europe.
    Winner of the Bengalaru India Pro Qualifier.

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    How are packs doing out of Europe to east coast?
  16. darflundgren

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    Mine show up no problem
  17. Actual form of Sergey Taranuho - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Vice Champion of the Elite PRO tournament Malta 2019.

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    Any way of getting some help? Have had an order being “checked for payment” for awhile now. I’ve contacted the support on website but haven’t heard anything back. Thanks.
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    we reply within 24 hours. If it was weekend it may take a bit longer. If you paid via WU or MG, they cause really much headache. Without extra details it may take up to 5 days now to check a payment sent via MG/WU. And there are many refusals/blocked transfers. Ria money transfers works much better, but not many know and use it. Best way is cryptocurrency.
    p.s. @prkway, check your spam folder. I know thar all emails from us get into spam at gmail at least.
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    Pharmacom has been reported new counterfeits...again... This time report with photo came from UAE, but we do not know, what counties else counterfeits could reach from there. Be careful, all items on photo are fake. Some of them look pretty close, though.

    Pharmacom Labs - PINK EDITION! ..
    Just kidding. All above is fake.
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