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    Thank you for the information. It is a huge help
    Thank you for the information. It is a huge help.
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  2. You are right, the products are being tested, I will find the results and post them.
  3. Hi, we have only the best athletes in our team.. =)))
  4. Hi, I apologize, I will ask him again about this.
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    MSG translated it
    "what nourishes me destroys"
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    Pros Cons for Ampulles and Vials?
  7. Andrey Melnikov - Athlete team Pharmacom Labs, became the winner of Arnold classic Africa!

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  8. Amps can be a pain in the ass. There's always a change of a glass shard falling into the oil, but in my past experience with countless Omnadren, i've never had that happen.

    You'll also need a long needle to draw up the oil, unless you use the backfill method and pour the oil into the ass end of the barrel.
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    I prefer vials because they are easier to use and allow any amount to be drawn.
    But one advantage to amps I consider is that maybe Amps would last a very long time if someone wanted to store for long-term future usage since it is a sealed glass so the shelf life could be much longer.
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    I had amps a few times

    Just get a filter needle to draw with then replace with your pinning guage
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    I agree with RT on this, if you have say..200 mg/ml amps, but want to run 500 mg-week, amps kind of make it a pain in the ass. Vial on the other hand you can just draw up what you need to dose correctly. Back in the day(20 plus years ago) amps were desired more then vials because amps were a lot less faked. Fakes were usually obvious fakes: wrong amp glass-wrong color oil-printing on glass easily wiped off-exc. not the case today though! I can’t believe the lengths counterfeiters go to make the fakes so precise. Incredible fakes of Pharmacom, Balkan, Bayer, exc. Thank god for lab testing
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    so ive been gone for a year or so, where the fuck is darius?
  13. I saw him there, looks amazing, bro!
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    Will proviron be back in W1 anytime soon?
  15. Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    5 times champion of Moscow.
    Vice-champion of Russia.
    Vice-champion of Europe.
    Winner of the Bengalaru India Pro Qualifier.

    Link to Vladimir's instagram profile, follow the news.

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    This thread is for Basicstero (the only direct from Pharmacom store).
    Darius was not involved with Basicstero; Darius was affiliated with a different source (a Pharmacom brand re-seller).

    To help make it clear:
    Pharmacom is a manufacturer and brand.
    Basicstero is the only direct from manufacturer store.
    Other sources are/were re-sellers.

    On a slightly related note, be careful of possible fakes and scam website (not all re-sellers are real); please, see this news for more details:
    With Basicstero you so not have to worry because products are direct from Pharmacom -- you can not have fakes with Basicstero since it is the actual manufacture's store.

    Here is my referral link to Basicstero (the ONLY direct from manufacturer Pharmacom store):
    and the Basicstero US domestic option:
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    I do not know of any ETA for specific items -- usually I see Frank say in general there are no promises of exact times for specific restocking. If one of the reps/assistants knows more, I am sure they will reply with better info for you.

    But please note, if you are waiting for some items that are out of stock (such items will have a "notify" instead of a "buy" button), click on the "notify" button and enter your e-mail; when this item is restocked you will be immediately notified.
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    Hello i was just wondering what was the actual content of 1 ml amps, do they have over 1 ml or 0.8-0.9 ml ??
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    I had amps a few years ago and they are 1 mL exactly when i would draw.
    I would think/guess this would always be the case, but I have not personally had amps now for a long time so I can not actually drawn one up to check.
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    I just got pharmatest e 250 amps, been using them for a few weeks every single time is exactly 1 ml when I draw it up out of the amp, extremely accurate .