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    please be more specific :D
  2. Sergey Kulaev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Took 6th place at the CHICAGO PRO tournament.

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    Hi all,
    I have 2 things to mention for today for you.
    1. Our US domestic warehouse is undergoing a full revision. It takes a while. For this reason we had to remove pending orders to see the real numbers of products in our system. We restore orders once we are ready. Orders will be restored, confirmed and processed in a few hours. No worries please.

    2. We are happy to announce continuation of our crazy popular and demanded bitcoin promotion for THE ENTIRE SUMMER 2019! Promotion is running till September 1st, 2019 for orders from the international section of our site

    Conditions are all the same. Please read again to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Our International section has 2 shipping locations now: warehouse 1 and warehouse 2.
    By default items are always automatically chosen from warehouse 1. It is located within Europe and ships worldwide, incl. USA, Canada, Australia, etc. For EU customers it will be EU domestic delivery. In this way we ensure fastest and safest delivery, which takes about 8-12 days as a rule, depending on your location.

    If you order from warehouse 1 and pay with cryptocurrency you get free bonuses on your choice as follows:

    products for the value of 50 USD for orders over 200 USD
    products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 300 USD

    Warehouse 2 is used ONLY as a spare warehouse and it is chosen by our system automatically ONLY if your order contains at least one item, which is out of stock in our first warehouse. Warehouse 2 is located outside of Europe! However we ship orders in such a way that packages are routed through one of the European countries. Tracking number will show delivery from one of the European countries, without mentioning the origin country it was sent from. This way takes longer and may take up to 17-21 days. Please be patient.

    Orders placed from warehouse 2 and paid by cryptocurrency get free bonuses as follows:

    products for the value of 35 USD for orders over 100 USD
    products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 200 USD
    products for the value of 200 USD for orders over 300 USD


    Each item in our store has now availability indicators for both warehouses (W1 and W2).
    In order to filter items available for some particular warehouse, please visit our "PURCHASE" page
    Bonuses are picked up at one of the ordering steps and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed.

    We wish the best summer in your life to everyone!

    Frank and basicstero crew
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  4. I will ask him about it and write to you when I get the answer.. =)))
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  5. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy.. =)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    Have a issue with your gear.
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    The response from your company is un acceptable and degrading. I dont want to bash u here but dont make a fool out of me
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    What is your issue ?
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    i have red in the newspaper that a government raid against ulabs, aas user, athletes and guys who sell and buy steroids was performed in over 30 countries within the EU and also US.
    Was Pharmacom affected by this actions?
    @RThoads @Pharmacom Labs @Pharmacom Helper
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    Don’t forget to mention in order to receive these bonuses we have to give up our loyalty discount and the bitcoin discount.
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    Don’t be misleading and let customers get all the way to the payment process and realize that
  12. Actual form of PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Height 180.
    Weight 103.

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    I have not heard anything about this.
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    Most people love the promo and when it is not active I get messages daily asking when will it return.
    It offers a very generous opportunity to get the best products in the world at a great price.
    However, this is a for profit business NOT a charity -- the source still need to make something above operational costs; we can not offer stacked discounts and $200 of free gear.

    If you would like to make a lab and offer products for less than what it costs you to operate or better yet just give them away free lol, I will shop with you! ;) (well, assuming you have as high of quality, with hundreds of certified 3rd party analysis results from SIMEC, thousands of other happy customers, and YEARS of solid track record... like Basicstero has :cool:).

    So "misleading" yet I just took this screen shot of my own cart during the promo step at check-out (it looks pretty clear and detailed to me that it is either the cart discount or the large promo bonus , one or the other, a choice):

    Not everyone has max cart discounts -- most do not.
    So in most cases the promo is even more appealing.
    But even for someone with max cart discount consider the math:

    cart discounts cap at 15% -- 15% of $300 is $45 saved.
    The $300 spent with the promo gives $200 from W2 -- $200 is 66% of $300 -- so getting a 66% value bonus if $300 is spent in warehouse-2; this is much better than the personal discounts.

    Not deceiving at all and the fact bonus are not included in re-ship has been stated many times.
    Also, you are completely free to decline the promo and stick with your normal cart discounts by simply skipping the bonus items page.

    It is just a choice regarding what you prefer (no one is forced to take the promo).

    Ask around, most people like the promo (many wait for it and I get asked on all boards often about it because people want and like it) -- it does not hurt to have options.

    getting $500 worth of products for the price of $300 is better than any combination of cart discounts. It is nearly a buy one get one free.

    Thousands of people clearly think it is worth the risk even with the small chance of a seized pack and loss of bonus items.
    Scroll through the thread, go on all other boards etc, and look for how many actually have seized packs and lost bonus items; compare that to the fact this is a world-wide major brand with thousands of orders a week.

    To each his or her own preference though -- I respect if you do not prefer the promo terms and that is why the source leaves the option for customers to skip the bonus for those rare cases that someone wishes to decline the promo. It is easy -- no problem :)
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  16. Don't worry if you need help, we will do our best to help.
  17. Don't worry, everything will be fine, if you need help, we will do our best to help.
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    We are operating in normal mode, all ok.

    I saw your message forwarded to me from our board rep. I invited our consultant with medical background to join, hopefully he will leave a useful input.
    I have no problem at all to discuss the issue publicly. You accused us in bad quality of winstrol, allegedly infected product or "not clean" as you said. You got a bad abscess from our winstrol after injecting it into shoulder arm,which blew up and you had to visit a hospital, where you had a surgery to open,clean and drain the injection site. You have a scare now and have all proofs and docs from hospital. You asked us, how we want to proceed...
    Our rep replied exactly this "Hi, sorry about your experience, but what exactly do you expect from us?
    It is a known fact that winstrol is a water suspension and should be injected deeply intramuscularly only, never be mixed with oils and never be pinned into the same site, where oils were injected, recently at least. If you want to share your experience on boards, you are free to do this. I do not see our fault with what happened to you.".
    Your reaction was the following: "What's my question. Are you serious you saying your ok with that. Is your company going to make good on there guarentee of a clean product. I will save your answer to what I messaged u. Is this a joke"
    Basically,herewith you are accusing us in producing bad/infected gear.

    We are not ok, if someone suffers after our product, but we do not find it being our fault. I actually completely support the reply of our rep. We are on the market over 10 years. There is no single case of infected gear from us for all this time. If we had infected gear, all boards would be over-flooded with the proofs and numerous lab reports would show it long time ago. I am iron-sure in the quality of our products, not because I represent this company and have to say so, but because i really believe into it, use our products myself and never had any issues with them. Years long history and numerous lab reports prove the highest quality.

    Maybe you will not like how it sounds, but it does not change the facts. And facts are that stanozolol is a very risky product in general and we know nothing about you and conditions under which you were pinning it. You used stanozolol water suspension. Everyone who takes steroids knows or should know that water suspension always has an increased risk of complications. I absolutely agree with our rep that shoulder is by far not the best place for an injection of stanozolol suspension. Stanozolol requires deeply intramuscular injections into large muscles. Stanozolol should never be injected into small muscles, never mixed with oils and never ever injected into the same site, where you injected oils. There are many nuances with it, which can lead to an abscess, if the drug is used not properly. As i said earlier, we do not know, how,where, under what conditions you injected it. By that I absolutely deny any possibility that we could deliver an infected/unclean product.
    We had an opportunity to bring raws to domestic areas for many countries and to produce gear there under our brand, which would save us lots of money. Any similar offer was always declined without a second of hesitation exactly because we can not control the production cycle in some local garage and guarantee pure and clean products. We always manufacture our products in our facility only and distribute only closed vials/amps for exactly this reason: to be sure that products we distribute are sterilized as they should be and meet sanitary criteria. And we have never had any infected gear so far and I am sure you are not an exception. With stanozolol aqueous suspension there are many things, which could cause complications. Quality of our products is not the one of them.
    Finally, in our ordering conditions we offer the testing opportunity to anyone who doubts quality of our products. Anyone can send a sample to a lab (Simec used as a rule) and we cover all expenses and replace products if we fail the test. However, we did not have such cases yet.
    So, yes we deny any opportunity that the cause you your complication is infected gear supplied to you by us. At the same time stanozolol suspension in general due to its physical properties could cause such complications, no matter who produced it. Just because suspension is a risky product. If used not properly, if pinned not deeply enough, into oil injection site,etc. the risk of an abscess is very high and I don`t deny this fact. However, it is not our fault as of a manufacturer.
    So, the question our rep asked stays the same: what exactly do you expect from us now?
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    Got myself some domestic Pharmacom test suspension. The stuff clogs up a 22guage basically instantly.thumbs down
  20. He's said numerous times that it was oil based Winstrol...
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