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    All I can say is that if something was wrong with the batch, if the source was the cause of the issue, where are all the others infected from the contaminated batch???

    Obviously MANY factors can cause an issue -- we have no way to know his techniques, if he properly sterilized location and vial, if needle is clean (what it may have touched of been exposed to, even a few seconds in the air if some coughs or sneezed on it etc), when he pushes air into vial to create back pressure did he contaminate the vial, how does he store it, does he wipe with clean new alcohol and let completely dry, does he wipe across from dirty area into cleaned location dragging germs to the pin site.. etc..

    No one, not even himself, can know every factor with certainty.
    We will never know with certainty what/why he had an issue.

    But one thing we can ALL know for sure is that if the batch was bad then others using it would have the same issue.

    What does he want the source to do anyway?
    if he thinks the product is at fault, why would he want any more products? free products would not help.
    Does he want a source to pay his doctors bills? have we ever saw such a thing from any source??? Not going to happen, ever, from any source.

    Even without testing, I am confident is was not a contaminated batch by the pure logic that it would be an epidemic of similar situations from others if the source was at fault.

    I know the source suggests testing, but I personally disagree that it is even relevant because any contamination would have occurred AFTER the customer was in possession or we would have others with the same issue.

    Isolated issue with one individual; to me that proves it is something other than the product.

    I feel bad for him, it sucks, and none of us like stuff to happens to our brothers/peers. However, it is a risk we all take by doing injections.
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    to be clear, I am sorry to hear you had a health-issue/injury @Turbo charged and I pray you make a quick and full recovery.
    Wishing you the best brother.
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    Thankyou here comes excuses also it was not mixed. Excuses with out even reading my posts properly. Oil base winstrol
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    I will add this. By the way I never asked for anything from you. I dont need your money I mentioned that all ready are you even reading the posts. Also if u read the posts I have been shooting your test a while no issues and on your deca. You are making yourself look awfully stupid. This is not a person asking for anything but to make sure my brothers are safe so get off that excuse. Wow the meso boys were right you blasted out all kinds of excuses I am shocked. Very un professional
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    Also you need to take down your guarentee it' is business propaganda that can never be proven so you can guarantee what ever you want and never be liable for it. Great business move.
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    Just my two cents how i would handle an issue like this...:
    If i would have an abscess because of an injection i would do any possible to be sure what is the real root cause of it.
    I would ask @janoshik (yes i fully trust him) or lab4tox, simec or any other lab of one of them can test an unopened vial of contaminations.
    So if the test is positive you will get all efforts paid by Pharmacom (which other lab would so this?) and you have all rights to blame them and warn the community for infected gear.
    If the test is negative you have the real chance to improve your own pinning process.

    Do you have a slight imagination how big pharmacom is? If a batch of .. i dont know... 10000 vials would be infected the community boards would be full of negative feedback. Infected gear affects 100% of a batch not only 1 or 2 vials. This is a Hard fact.

    So please be a fair player and make sure your arguments are bullet proof and sounds not like a crying baby which cannot help himself. Thank you.
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    I hear what your saying the bad batch thing you talk about means nothing things can change day to day at any processing facility 50 bottle could of been done one day and 100 another day just because it's the same raws mean nothing. You could of made 500 bottle from the batch of raws over a extended period of time. One thing you forget is human error wich can happen at anytime. The excuse of what about the other 1000 bottles means nothing.
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    The idea that Pharmacom is a big company, therefore never has fuckups in production, is absurd.

    Even the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world have recalls. Yet pharmacom doesn't because they supply a lot of black market drugs? Ridiculous.

    There was just a recall on eye drops made by equate that had serious health concerns for the end user... they knew there were serious sterility issues, yet no one has been reported of getting sick. It could happen to some users but it hasn't yet, even though unsterile product was on the shelves and purchased.

    Pharmacom doesn't live in the real world though. They are a large, black market supplier and, as such, they can't be held responsible unless hundreds get ill. That's how this looks.

    Choose thy source wisely... I never did get the appeal of pcom other than pumped up marketing.
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    Odds are not any better with black market suppliers making small batches in their garage.

    Small UGLs don't live in the real world either. They are a small, black market suppliers and, as such, they can't be held responsible, no matter how many get ill.

    And, how do we even know the issue was from this source's product?

    All we have is a claim -- someone says something.
    Well, I counter the claim and say it is from something else. I have as much proof as the original claim -- guess they offset.

    Even if the individual truly believes what he claims, he could be wrong and has no way to have certainty regarding what caused his isolated issue.
    I do not like that the source offers testing because that leaves an option for an individual to purposely cause a product to fail (if I were in charge, that offer would not be made since it still shows nothing definitive).

    That is why we turn to logic regarding the fact there are not others with a similar complaint.
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    I never said they did. I would venture to guess they would be easier to hold accountable though. Losing customers and gaining haters is an important consideration for a smaller UGL... it means very little to a worldwide machine like pcom.

    Defective gear isn't the issue. Lack of accountability is. I would never use pcom for that reason alone.
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    So far you are the only one I see with this issue -- from all customers across the world.

    Like I said, I do feel bad for you because something hurt you.

    But your jumping to conclusions blaming the source when that is obviously VERY unlikely is adding risk because you are not looking at what really caused the issue -- it will happen again, regardless of source, if you do not determine what happened.

    For example, I wipe vials with clean sterile alcohol pad before and after use. I wipe at least twice, new pad each time, and let completely dry between wiping. I wipe already clean target location at least twice (often three time unless just out of the shower), new pad each time, let completely dry between each wipe.
    I open pin and immediately insert into vial (seconds, less time in air means less risk of dusk or air-born particles/germs getting on the pin); then, I change to fresh new sterile needle to pin with. The needle switch is my own riskiest step. I have a technique where I hold the new tip in its wrapper in the same hand as I use to unscrew the old -- get the old one just about off, unwrap new, and switch fast (one second max of it being exposed).
    I do it all on a stainless steal tray that I wipe with alcohol in a dedicated area that no one else is allowed to go. I even make sure the air is settled and no dust when I switch tips.

    Gym buddies laugh at me, some of them do not even wipe once. But I understand the risks. Even with my detailed approach, I am still taking a risk. The needle can be contaminated, something could have gone wrong. Every product in the process, every step, is the result on some human's (including myself) work.

    To immediately assume it must be the product is intellectually irresponsible.
    How can you be so sure everything else is 100% perfect?
    How do you KNOW without a doubt it is the product/source to blame?

    I am not going to get into a debate nor go over every little possible detail and were something may have happened that hurt you.
    Waste of time because you can say anything and even if you are 100% sure, we still can not know when/where some contaminant got involved.

    All I can say, like I already said, is that if it was a result of the product, we would see some others with the same issue.

    With respect, I urge you to be open minded and really explore what else could have happened so you can make sure it does not happen again.

    None of us want anyone getting hurt.
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    I disagree because I feel small underground operations have less accountability (none really).

    Note, we all know I have used both large and small labs -- intl and domestic (there are excellent options and there are bad options in both categories).

    Consider that a small lab can pack up and re-open with a new name. In my opinion, for that reason, a small lab has less accountability.
    Pharmacom's name has taken years to build -- the brand name has marketing value -- they can not just go away and open under a new name.

    Most underground labs will go away after some years (sadly, was the case with my own personal favorite).
    Small UGLs do not have as much invested, website is multiple languages/countries, sponsorship agreements, smuggling agreements, marketing materials, worldwide etc.
    Small UGLs have much less invested and much more freedom.
    Small labs may make their money and move on (the smart ones) or stick around until busted (the not as smart ones). We will never know where they are or who they were. A big name is here to stay with a long term business.

    But I respect you do not have to agree :) to each his or her own opinion. And, you already know whether we agree on a specific point or not, I respect you -- I always wish you all the best
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    Here let me ask this instead:

    What makes you guys certain there is something wrong with the product?
    How did you determine it is not possible any other factor may have been the cause?
    What is your conclusion regarding what is wrong with the product?
    How did you arrive at this conclusion?
    What objective evidence proves your claim/position?
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    I wouldn't really term that as accountability.

    Consider, your favorite small lab. When he was faced with accusations of underdosed tren he replaced every vial before testing results even came back. Then, said testing results came back with tren that was actually slightly overdosed IIRC. That is accountability.

    Pcom would NEVER do such a thing. Not even if there was a possibility of infected gear. They could have proven underdosed vials and contaminated vials and it really wouldn't hurt business by that much for very long. Why? Because they've built there business on volume, price perception and tons of marketing. Most of the users in this thread bought gear from pcom because of the marketing, they don't know it but they did. We're all guilty of it.

    With all that said, I kind of doubt that the vial was contaminated from the factory. Infections happen, user error is more likely... but the idea that it can't happen with pcom is the most irritating part to me. FAR more advanced labs have had big fuckups... pcom, without question, has put out defective gear or will at some point. The response then will be the same as it is now, "can't happen to pcom, we're too big, we're worldwide."

    Support local business, folks.
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    I placed an order yesterday. I got an e-mail stating I never paid, which I did. Logging into your website does not work, I clicked on reset my password and tried that, now I get a message stating access denied. I am thinking this has to to with your warehouse thing in the US. Can you please confirm. Thank you.
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    @Eman one more point I feel is important for me to clarify because maybe I was misunderstood.

    No one ever claimed it is not possible that PCOM has an error based upon their size.
    What we said was that if such an error occurred, then, because it is a big company with thousand of people buying the product in question, we would see many customers suffer if a batch was contaminated.
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    Vials are ready for them to be tested stop with excuses pick a third party and I will send them.
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    You are going to have to contact customer service and they can help you resolve that account issue.
    Use the "contact us" form on the basicstero website and be sure to check email spam for any replies.
    Please see this quote below for more detail:

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    No one has made any excuses.
    A source does not need an excuse for something that is not it's fault.

    Frank, the source, has already replied.
    You have stated you had contact with the source (something about not liking the source's reply) so I assume you already are in direct communications and can make whatever arrangement both parties agree upon.

    The rest of us are having a discussion -- the point of a discussion board.
    I am free to have my own opinion and express/discuss anything just as anyone else here.

    For example, even the specific syringe could have been contaminated independently of the PCOM product (no company is perfect as others have established). OR maybe you just made a human error such as innocently failed to properly and completely sterilize.

    I do not trust testing because you have too much vested into being "right" at this point.
    I am NOT accusing you, but I am recognizing that you could purposely influence the result (you seem very emotionally invested and illogically confident in your conclusion).

    To me, this is why, in general (not just talking about today's topic), anything other that anonymous testing such as Anabolic Lab, still fails to prove anything.

    What makes you certain there is something wrong with the product?
    How did you determine it is not possible any other factor may have been the cause?
    What is your conclusion regarding what is wrong with the product?
    How did you arrive at this conclusion?
    What objective evidence proves your claim/position?

    I stand by my logic; if the product was bad others would have the same issue.

    However, I am not the boss; you are free to arrange anything with Frank -- that is between you and him.
    I hope somehow it yields a positive resolution for all involved.

    Most of all, regardless of the causality, I hope you fully recover and are healthy.
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    I followed your advice to your other post, I will contact customer service with my issue, thank you