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    Pharmacom Support looks like he is on top of things :)
    So I am going to the gym and then spend some time with family.
    Have a nice weekend
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    I was replying based on the info, which i got in our internal chat from our board rep. He quoted the message received from @Turbo charged and he did not mention there that it was oil based. @Turbo charged just said literally " Got a bad abscess from ur winstrol in shoulder arm blew up went to hospital had to get minor surgery and kept wound open for a week to drain."
    In any case, what does it change? Let it be oil, not suspension, what does it change? It does not make it infected. I am sure the issue was not the dirty product. There is a good post from @Reno above regarding the possible reason:
    You must be kidding, right? 50 bottles one day, 100 bottles another day? Our guys would not move for an inch because of even 1000 bottles; not even mentioning 50 or 100. I actually asked our production team to film this moment and amounts we are talking about and wanted to reply once I get it, but it needs some time. You will very wonder, once you see the minimum amount of staff we mix.
    We do not have such emails... at least sent by a robot. Most probably you got confirmation of products reservation. It is always sent automatically once you place an order, even if you pay immediately. If you can not login, most probably you placed your order in one warehouse/section and tried to login in another on. We have 2 sections:
    Us domestic warehouse:
    International warehouse:
    Each section is an individual site in fact and requires its own registration. If you signed up at US domestic, the same credentials will not work for international warehouse. You need to register there newly. Make sure you don`t mix them up.
    Also, info for all. Domestic order numbers always start with U letter and international ones with I.
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  3. i was pointing out that it was oil based because your initial reply referred to water based Winstrol being the culprit a number of times.

    Anyway, hope that this all comes to a peaceful resolution and this thead goes back to showcasing those sponsored behemoths that make me look like i don't even lift. :oops::D
  4. Actual form of Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

    Weight today 110 kg.

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  5. It shall be so! Behemoths, mammoths and so on.:eek::D I'm as usual sure that we all come to common understanding :)
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    You must be kidding, right? 50 bottles one day, 100bottles another day? Our guys would not move foran inch because of even 1000 bottles; not even mentioning 50 or 100. I actually asked our production team to film this moment and amounts we are talking about and wanted to reply once I get it, but it needs some time. You will very wonder, once you see the minimum amount of staff we mix

    I am on vacation when I get back I will give your supports documents and proof of my infection through your support. I thought we were going to handle it that way but u keep posting on this thread. I was under the assumption once we come to a agreement then we can post it on this forum. You keep saying how big you are and there is no way and how many people you have on your staff. Who cares major pharmaceutical comcompan that make you look like a back yard operation have had many issues. So that statement means nothing at all. Who on this site and not a new member has been using your oil base winny if someone is at the moment please chime in so far nobody has. And I dont mean someone who just joined. Let's hear from meso guys who are using this product currently. I tried to keep this confidently with ur staff until its resolved after our discussion but u continue to make these ludicrous assumptions we are to big. Well so was Enron.
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    Received another Package of all 4 Sarms. Also with the 2 that i wanted and Wasnt in the First Package.
    Will test it when i Need a Appetite surpressant or Hit a Plateau.
    I will log it Here Then.

    Didnt know that this Package was send so started a Cycle
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    Some people still miss the point regarding the size of this source and an alleged product problem.

    Everyone knows and agrees that even big companies make mistakes.
    Size does not guarantee perfection.

    The point that some are missing is this:
    A big source/company sell thousands of units per month of a given product throughout the entire world; therefore, if the batch of product had an issue, we would see an outbreak of problems from many NOT just one person.

    I am personally present on 8 English speaking / predominantly USA based boards, a couple private boards, and a Russian board.
    If something went wrong in the production of a batch of products that leads to the product causing an issue for users, I would have seen MANY others who purchased the product also complain.

    So far I see one guy here on MESO say winny caused him an injury...
    IF that winny batch is so bad, why has it not hurt anyone else?

    OR... could it be possible there are many other factors?

    No one will ever know every detail of all involved such as personal technique, if sterilization of injection site was achieve, sterilization and storage of used vial, cleanliness of needle, any other product being used, etc...
    Or maybe nothing wrong with ANY factor, but still things can happen (we have all seen cases of this in life).
    I could list many factors we all risk every time we inject.

    There is no way to ever know all details.

    How could a supposed contaminated batch only effect one person that used it? Something else happened.

    That is why I stand by the logic that since 1000s+ of units are made in a batch and sold, if it was the product/source at fault, then we would see many others with the same issue.

    I see ZERO others with such a complaint regarding this product.

    If a hundred kids eat peanut butter from the same jar and only one gets sick, then that one kid had some other individual factor (maybe allergic) at fault, NOT the product or all would be ill.
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    Ok but nobody who is using the oil base winny has chimed in yet from this board. Still waiting and want to here the batch number and dates. Not a new ghost member either. 90 percent of the aas users I talked to didnt even know there was a oil base winny. By the way check my order I ordered both oil base winny and water base winny the water base is fine no issues. Bacistro can check to see I ordered both. Along with many other things wich I am on now.
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    Oil or suspension means nothing. Winstrol is winstrol. It can give you problems as a highly concentrated testo depot on 500mg/ml. The substance of winny is strong and tough. If you sure you had an infection you must give the vial to your doctors to check it out for contamination and post results
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    I was just trying to say what RT stated above. It can`t be a separated single case of an infection in one single separate vials among the entire batch. This is a single case.
    Yes, users on boards are not active now. I can`t even reach those guys so far whom we sent samples in April yet and who should review our new sarms as per agreement, not to say about other customers who mostly prefer to keep calm and not state in a wide public that they are steroid users.
    On our site there are 2 forms of stanozolol and each has a description.
    Recently we added a warning to oil-based stanozolol version as well saying that this product is designed for experienced athletes only and may cause pips,lumps similarly to our highly concentrated products. Hopefully it helps someone. Based on our experience though, people never read instructions and warnings. We still get lots of complains about pips after highly concentrated products. Nobody reads. We have guys who tried injecting 3 cc of test e500 for one time... crazy.

    Since we are talking about this and I have a chance, I would like to warn all potential customers again.

    Highly concentrated products (test e 500 mg/ml, sust 500 mg/ml) may cause pips, swelling, lumps, even increased body temperature. Never pin over 1 ml for once! Never try to pin it into small muscles. This oil should be injected into larger muscles deeply intramuscularly only.
    The body reaction to highly concentrations is very individual. We have many athletes who bear such concentrations without issues at all. As per our experience body get used to such concentrations after 30-50 pins.
    If you ordered a highly concentrated product and it causes much inconvenience, it does not mean you need to throw it away. There is a simple solution. You need to mix it with some lowly-concentrated products. If you mix up 1 ml of test e500 and 1 ml of test p100, you get 2 ml 600 mg or 300 mg/ml. This new blend will not more cause pips if you mix oils thoroughly.
    @RThoads posted on eroids recently he mixed test e500 and bold500 and got zero pips:
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    Soon im finished with my sarm cycle... should i post about it here or in the log section ?
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    Mostly a not proper injection technique, also the shoulder for stanozolol should not be used.
    I almost got infection from pharma grade primobolan yes bought in pharmacy with prescription from a doctor just bu pinning 0,5 ml in shoulder due to it being so heavy and thick, not because of contamination but from swelling and inflamation, swelling and inflamation if not treated will lead to infection
    Pip is that swelling and inflamation
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    this depends on user man. friend of mine past cycle injecting rimobolan from pharmacy 100mg/ml along with 100mg test prop ed. Zero problems. Cycling injection points. shoulders,quads,glutes.He is experienced user. I use pharmacoms right now primo 200mg/2ml problems, almost 2 months in
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    How you like the primo from Pharmacom ? Interested in trying it in the future...
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    I am not giving my doctor a illegal bottle of steriods.
    What doctor would even accept that. I told Pharmacom we can send it to a third party for testing a legitimate testing sight neither of us has ever used.
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    Give the vial to the doctor lol, that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard, like if the doctor is gonna send it to analize it LMAO and on top of that he might end up in jail.
    If the abscess was drained he is at no risk anymore, simply be careful for future shots
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    If you are in europe send it to jano, how ever i´m not sure what you are looking for if contamination or if underdosed, if you are in the US send it to M&W, they are both qick and not as expensive as simec or lab4tox that take them 4 weeks for results
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    every country has diferent rules smarty. at your country maybe you cant. think before you type.
    either way, send it somewhere to check for contamination.
  20. Sergey Kulaev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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