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    Can we get info about diet?
    What does he eat in a day?
    How much grams of protein , fat, carbohydrate?
    what are typical food choices at each time of day?
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    It is done in another way as a rule. If you think it is contaminated, our policy still valid in this case. You can send a sample to a lab providing verifiable reports. We use Simec AG as a rule. It is important, the vial must be unopened! Just because we can not be responsible for opened vials and can not know, what could get inside with the needle.
    You can contact (or any other lab providing HPLC reports, if you know any, we do not insist on Simec only; it is just the most proven lab working with steroid samples and it is legal in Switzerland, they have respective license, so sample will pass custom without seizure for sure). So, you can contact Simec yourself, we are not participating in the process at all. You tell them you need to find contents, contaminants, they issue an invoice and provide you an address, where to send a sample. You just send it by post. You can use a fake sender info for safety. We only ask to make a photo of the vial before it is sent, so we need to be sure it is sent unopened. In case of any doubts we can also contact the lab to make sure they received the sample unopened. After they test it, they send report to the email address, which you provide to them. We are not participating in this at all and we have no influence. If you doubt, we have nothing against tests.
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    An interesting article of intramascular abscess by a former bodybuilder and doctor. Very informative about the rights and wrongs of injections, lumps, contamination etc.

  5. Actual form of PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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  6. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
  7. Hi, write about it here.
  8. Here regularly post reviews, everyone who uses it - like it.
  9. Good question, I will ask him and write when I get an answer.
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    Signed for a package today and was pleasantly surprised it was more SARMS from Pharmacom! Truly an industry leader with excellent service and products! Not to mention the stealth shipping
  11. You had to sign? i didn't have to, what's up with that?

    Anywho, while i'm here, i'll update my experience.

    10 mg of MK-677 daily now for 24 days. Strength is steadily progressing and there's times when i feel like after eating a fairly large meal that i could pack in even more without much effort.

    MFP app is set at 3500 calories, but i go over by 200-500 every day and still feel like i could eat before i'm ready to sleep.

    i feel like i've been falling asleep faster, but quality of sleep doesn't seem to be affected. No bloat, just a smidge of lethargy which is nothing serious and that's about it.

    There was a point where i thought libido and temperament were being affected, but i've since chalked those up as mental and situational, respectively.

    Haven't weighed myself in over a month, but next time i do, i'll update that if there's any noticeable changes.
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    If I recall correctly I had to sign because I requested stealth shipping.
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    @MisterSuperGod @Wheelhouse
    having to sign is dependent upon factors such as which warehouse items are shipped from, destination location, and shipping method etc.
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  14. i did as well. My mailman may have just dropped it off and signed an X on there himself to save time. i know i would if i was a mailman delivering in this damn humidity.
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    Based on info I have, if package is shipped from Europe and it is a registered shipment with tracking number, it always requires signature. Only unregistered mail without tracking number does not require it. This looks to work within Europe. In the USA we have many reports that signature was not required. At the same time there were also reports saying that signature was asked for. Probably some local regulations...So, I would say, no need to worry, if postal employee requested signature.
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    Yeahh maybe that is why besides taking like 6 weeks for results i read some where in this same board they found no active substance in some sample and Lab4tox did find that missing active substance, so i don´t know how reliable they really are.
    One other thing doesn´t BA or something else contained inside the vial prevents bacteria from proliferating??? that´s what i read in several posts about AAS.
    Send it to jano, end of story we´ll take his word as valid ;), i mean one thing is to identify active sunstance and/or quantity and another one is simply determine if there is contamination or not, which i think was a mistake on the user´s end
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    Hello, when the order is in the processing state, on average how many days it take to be shipped?
    I know once is shipped I have to wait some days to get tracking. Its EU domestic.
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my anxiety :rolleyes:
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    I takes about 7-8 days in EU to be delivered and about 5 days to get tracking number
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