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  1. Hi, don't worry, it takes from a few days to a few weeks.
  2. Hi, thanks for the information, we'll check it out.
  3. Thank you for the information, Frank. Everything you wrote is sitting in her in box now for her to read. Thankfully she's on no medications and is tolerating everything well thus far.

    i'll be seeing her tomorrow, so i'll update her progress if she has anything further to add or has any questions in regards to the information you provided.
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  4. RThoads

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    yes, and even if you stay logged in and do not leave after some time it times out and they are removed.
    Items are not reserved until you confirm the order in last step of the checkout process.
  5. heavylifter87

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    Ok I’ll watch it for next week, hasn’t moved at all yet .. hoping this clears ..
  6. Vladimir Yakovlev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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  7. RThoads

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    wow it is so hot here the lats few days that it is difficult to do much.
    I hope you are all staying cool! Make sure to drink some extra water and be safe :)
    Have a good weekend folks.
  8. heavylifter87

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    Update on package it has cleared customs and is on its way , never had it sit more than a few days in customs I guess it got tossed in a bin before being scanned through
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  9. bob357sig

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    Tracking codes are both a blessing and a curse lol. You can get caught up on checking that tracking code till you drive yourself nuts. I usually don’t even bother checking it till about 15 days after I receive the code, by then it’s usually through customs and is on its way, if it’s still in customs and has been for over a week, then maby it’s time to let your source know something may be up. The anxiety of over checking isn’t worth the stress. I have seen so many tracking issues, in the end most packs end up getting through.
  10. RThoads

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    not bad, I have seen some sit 3 weeks then clear.
    Cool, good to hear :) enjoy!
  11. koast123

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    Yes, it happened the same to me. I was really surprised as i wasnt expecting any package from pharmacom. Awsome service and top notch products.

    As i said a month ago, mk677 is really really strong, the appetite increase is so good at the beginning and it started to decline after 4 weeks.

    I prefered ligandrol over RAD140. Ligandrol gave me more mass and streght, i found rad140 milder. I dont understand this people telling sarms are not strong, ligandrol gave me pretty similar results to some oral steroids.

    IMO mk677 is the most interesting product pharmacom sent me. Its perfect for the time you wanna stop GH
  12. heavylifter87

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    For sure , I just wanted to get an idea of what day it’s coming or a range of days, but then end up checking it way too much definitely .. weird how some packs can move so quick through the system others it’s like they are just sitting and no one is working
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  13. Reno

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    final conclusion for your primo and i will not discuss it further. your primo don't work for me at 500mg/w. be on for 8 weeks now. zero results. only test is working
  14. cadafi

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    Send out and test it
  15. ItsDaBoii

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    How do you know that only the test is working and the primo not ? Also 8 weeks at 500mg seems a bit short in my opinion
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  16. RThoads

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    Primo is my favorite compound. No side effects, does not aromatize, I believe it to be the safest/"healthiest" AAS option compared to the others, gains are clean and real tissue.

    But it will not make the illusion of gains by blowing someone up with water. Tissue will be real muscle that takes a LONG time to accumulate (the actual limit regarding how much muscle can be gained by anyone in a year is debated, but most will agree that +10 lb of actual muscle is a very successful year). With that said, a less experienced user will not understand that in 8 weeks if he put on a couple pounds of real muscle, he has made big gains.

    Please are impressed with the "Wet" steroids, and the "Strong" steroids that put on a lot of weight (not muscle) fast -- lot of glycogen, mineral rentention, strength etc goes up notably (but goes away when off cycle). Primo is not that type of compound. Primo shines and is best as an ant-catabolic during dieting and/or making high quality steady keepable real gains over time.

    I would rather have 3 lb of primo real tissue gains than 20 lb of dbol water bloat. But i respect everyone have different styles and preferences. To each his or her own :) that is why we try things, to find what we each like and what work for us as individuals.
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  17. ItsDaBoii

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    How long would you run it and what dosage ? Also what would you stack with it ?
  18. NoJ5

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    When will Pharmatest E300 international W1 be in stock?
  19. Sergey Kulaev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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  20. RThoads

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    I can not give any promises regarding an exact date of a guaranteed restock.

    Reminder, out of stock items will have a "notify" button instead of the "Add to cart" button:
    You can click the "notify" icon and enter you email address to get an email alert when the specific item is restocked.