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  1. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
  2. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))
  3. Hi, it takes about a week or a little longer.
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    Are you still running the deal where 300 gets you 200 free worth of product from WH3? Looking to place an order
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    Yes, they can be slow indeed, confirm it. However, they can test not just contents only. They can test a sample for microbiological contamination, heavy metals, etc. Check reports from, this one for example
    Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Test C200 Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab
    Of course, extra tests costs extra money.
    And yes, of course preservatives serve to protect oil from contamination.
    We upload tracking numbers after 7 days roughly. It does not delay your order. It does not mean that order is shipped after 7 days only. It is just our safety precaution.
    Yes, we extended it for the entire summer till September,1st. Here are promo conditions:
    Our International section
    has 2 shipping locations now: warehouse 1 and warehouse 2.
    By default items are always automatically chosen from warehouse 1. It is located within Europe and ships worldwide, incl. USA, Canada, Australia, etc. For EU customers it will be EU domestic delivery.
    Delivery takes 8-12 days as a rule, depending on your location.

    If you order from warehouse 1 and pay with cryptocurrency you get free bonuses on your choice as follows:

    products for the value of 50 USD for orders over 200 USD
    products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 300 USD

    Warehouse 2 is used only as a spare warehouse and it is chosen by our system automatically ONLY if your order contains at least one item, which is out of stock in our first warehouse. Warehouse 2 is located outside of Europe! However we ship orders in such a way that packages are routed through one of the European countries. Tracking number will show delivery from one of the European countries, without mentioning the origin country it was sent from. This way takes longer and may take up to 17-21 days. Please be patient.

    Orders placed from warehouse 2 and paid by cryptocurrency get free bonuses as follows:

    products for the value of 35 USD for orders over 100 USD
    products for the value of 100 USD for orders over 200 USD
    products for the value of 200 USD for orders over 300 USD


    Each item in our store has now availability indicators for both warehouses (W1 and W2).
    In order to filter items available for some particular warehouse, please visit our "PURCHASE" page
    Bonuses are picked up at one of the ordering steps and shipped together with the main order. No promo code is needed.
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    Folks, we slightly changed design of our site
    The pages and info should look more accurate and customer-friendly now.
    We are still testing it right now. If you find some bugs, please feel free to report any glitches to us. We have a bug bounty program!
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  7. Another quick SARMs update:

    The Tesos (Tesofensine) isn't really up my alley, however a female friend of mine said that she would try it and report back.

    Thus far she says the only sides she's experienced is that approximately an hour after a single tablet dosing, she gets really hot and then it begins to slowly taper down.

    Eating a low carb, low sugar diet, she says she's down 3 pounds in 4 days and plans to continue on. So far she's liking the results.

    i'll update her progress as she relays it to me.
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    interesting. thank you for the info
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    What's her dosage? I'm on cruise right now and considering of taking it instead of DNP this month.
  10. Sergey Taranuho - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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  11. A single 5 mg tablet is all she's taking as of right now.
  12. Hi, yes, the promotion is still valid.
  13. Thank you for your feedback.

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    How long does a package sit in ISC customs before being released typically ? Going on the 4th day now hasn’t moved at all.. what’s some of your guys experience on how many days it takes to clear
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    CAUTION: About tesofensine. We do not sell it yet, only a few dozens of persons received it for tests. Please be cautious with it. There are 2 things to mention:
    1. It is not researched well, but its action mechanism is very similar to that one of sibutramine. It has direct impact on serotonine reuptake, so it probably may cause side effects simlar to serotonine syndrome, if taken with antidepressants/serotonine reuptake inhibitors. I just post this exertion from the manual for sibutramine here:
    Please take this info into account before you decide testing it!

    2) The second warning concerns tesofensine daily dosage.
    We over-exaggerated with the dosage per pill in the test batch of tesos. Pills have 5 mg per pill, whereas recommended daily dosage does not exceed 1 mg. It would be best to cut a pill into 4 parts at least. There are special pill knifes in drug stores, they can so so.
    At the same time, I should note that it has been tested by our Russian team athletes at dosages equal to 5 mg/day (1 pill/day) and no significant/dangerous side effects have been reported.
    Once we start production for sale, we will lower dosage of each pill to 1 mg.

    It depends. We have seen it being there for almost 2 weeks and successfully passed afterwards. 4 days not a reason to worry yet.
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    I have seen less than one day, and also as much as 2 weeks. even once I had 3 weeks. Just varies greatly. I read there are huge bins and everything thrown in to wait -- sometimes an items may sit a long time.
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    Items put in the shopping cart disappear if I exit the site then return. Items in cart won’t save
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    . Items won’t save in shopping cart. If I exit and then return my items are gone
  20. Mohamed Elemam - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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