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  1. RThoads

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    I like 16 week cycle.

    IF I was to cut with it, I would run something such as low dosage test (always have some test) at 300mg, 600mg primo, and half way through add 350 tren-ace (50md ED, 1/2cc) for last 8 week.

    IF I were to bulk/gain with it (I personally would choose other compounds for this purpose so this is just an idea), I would run 600mg test, at least 1000mg Primo, and while gaining can pretty much add anything you personally found works well for you.

    However, I personally use primo differently than either of these examples. I like to run it between cycles to hold the gains from the cycle but enjoy time without an AI or side effect etc.
    I run trt test at 150mg and add 300mg primo to that (it does not even show on trt doctor bloodwork).
    That extra 300mg primo is enough to keep most if not all my cycle gains. I cruise like this for 16 to 20 weeks between actual cycles -- enough time to get all health markers good and take a break from the health stress of my bigger cycles.
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  2. heavylifter87

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    I’ve heard primo is weaker than eq, and I must say damn eq is not useless but extremely mild, so can’t Imagine what id feel off primo .. appetite effects can’t quite tell if eq helps much.. only things I’ve felt absolute great bang for ur buck are test deca tren dbol and drol, but can’t eat on orals or tren. So that leaves test and deca.. have to finish my eq out to see if I like it enough.

    Never tried masteron or winny or primo .. I’ve heard masteron good for hardening but all I’m looking for is size and strength
  3. Pharmacom Labs

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    Exactly the same question from me. I am always wondering, how come anyone can for sure know, what exactly product is working and what not, if you have a simultanious stack of 2 or more products? You don`t have an embedded chromotograph. Really, It is not serious.

    We finished revision of our EU-based warehouse yesterday and found some stock of test e left on warehouse 1, so it is available now, but very limited. Warehouse 2 has the full stock of it. If you order it and it is missing at warehouse 1, your order will be just shipped from warehouse 2 and you even get a better promotion conditions and up to $200 worth of freebies, if you pay with cryptocurrency.
  4. Yes Sir, primo little bit weaker than eq, but they are two different staff with different designed effects. Reason could be that you start with small dose or some other shortcomings, who knows.
  5. ItsDaBoii

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    Wow thanks for the detailed answer, appreciate it :)
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  6. heavylifter87

    heavylifter87 Member

    True , depends on what u are looking for from Compounds, I guess not everyone wants sheer size and strength, that’s all I chase lol
  7. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    I am finishing up now with EQ at a gram a week. Even at that dosage, I do not get increased hunger -- so everyone is different.
    But also, I enjoy no side effects, blood count is under control, blood pressure etc all good. I get nice steady gains and with it and the lack of negatives make it one of my favorites.

    But for your own goals, I think you are correct about what compounds will give you the most. For me, the deca side effects are bad. Sucks because it is one of the best compounds in my opinion, but just not best for me. I can run drol at 50mg but not higher.

    It just takes time, we each have to learn what works for our goals
  8. NoJ5

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    Is there any promo codes available? I’m literally 3-4€ short because of btc inflation or whatever lol. If not is there anyway I could pay that extra 3-4€ on my next order. I’m only ordering half my cycle and will order my clomid and second test e vial in 2-3weeks. Thanks
  9. ItsDaBoii

    ItsDaBoii Member

    Contact the support on the website, pretty sure they will help you out with your problem
  10. Dmitry Vorotyntsev - PRO athlete team Pharmacom Labs.

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  11. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
  12. Hi, if you need help with cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
  13. Hi, we don't have promo codes.
  14. Hi, I will check this information and write to you when I get a response.
  15. RThoads

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    No code ; the promo is automatically active if you meet criteria -- it will be a step during the check-out process.
  16. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    It's really sad.....

    I was shipped promo sarms but it doesn't look like they cleared for me.


    Shitty luck for me, but over 10 days customs it doesn't look good...
    Still waiting but not hopeful
  17. heavylifter87

    heavylifter87 Member

    Do you notice much from running lower dose eq ? Like say 400-500 ? Why at a gram did you run it ? As far as deca what sides were bad for you personally ?
  18. Pharmacom Labs

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    We rarely use codes, but 3-4€ ia not an issue at all. Of course we confirm your order.
    I will get it touch. We can reship sarms, no problem.
    UPD. I tried to contact you, but can not open your profile. It says "
    This member limits who may view their full profile."
    Please send a PM to me or contact us through our site.
  19. Pharmacom Labs

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    New counterfeits have been reported again. This time from Libya. Be careful and don`t order from doubtful sources! Always check verification codes!


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Klimmzugernie

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    Where do you live?EU?