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    What are the MK 677 and rad140 sample tabs dose at?
  2. Hi, if you need help with cycle, pct, blood work interpretation and so on, our specialist will help you:
  3. Hi, I will check this information and write to you when I get a response.
  4. Hi, if you need help with your order, write me, I will do my best to help.
  5. I will check this information and write to you when I get a response.
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    Will the new sarms be available for purchase soon? I'm definitely wanting to try MK 677
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    Pharmacom Support please check your private message from me regarding an order placed the end of May which has yet to arrive.
  8. Both are 10 mg.

    Edit: Future reference for anyone wondering:

    Tesos - tesofensine 5 mg
    Ligandos - ligandrol (LG-4033) 5 mg
    Rados - radarine (RAD140) 10 mg
    Morenos – ibutamoren (mk-677) 10mg
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    Thanks for posting that! Almost mistaken a box of Tesos for Rados.
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    It will take a couple of months for this.
    Frank will announce once all is ready..
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    1) We wil wait to see if Pharmacom support gets more info -- I do not know T/A time to Ireland.

    2) package does NOT say what is contained; all things will come in one package unless order is large and needs multiple packs -- with 3 items, all should be in one small package.
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    Enjoy a good weekend folks! :)
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  14. Hi, there is no exact information when they will be on sale.
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  15. Hi, I didn't get a message from You.
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    @Pharmacom Labs
    Did you receive my report of SARMs testing? Sent you a private message.
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    yes, replying to you right now, thanks!

    Folks,some fresh lab reports.
    These is our internal report for a new batch of test cyp
    99.1% purity


    More is coming... I gonna prolong this pleasure...Not all for once.
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    Those testers who asked to send tesofensine to test it, please stop using it...
    It is useless. It is a new product from a new supplier. They sold us a good demonstrative sample, but what we got after is bunk... Just got confirmation report. it is just bunk. it will not hurt your health, but there is just no more sense taking it...
    You see, everyone can screw up...we too... At least we have possibilities to perform our own tests and find it out and take respective measures in advance. We will look for a new supplier. Production of tesofensine will be delayed for an undefined period.
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  20. It's bunk? My friend is having great placebo effect then. Since it won't hurt her, she might as well keep taking it if it motivates her to steer her lifestyle in a positive direction.

    i never read the post i'm quoting. ;):D