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    Today I want to share my experiences with the SARMs testing with you. I started end of may.
    I received the Ibutamoren 10mg and the Ligandrol 5mg.
    All in all I have to say that I have made good experiences. I started with 10mg Ibutamoren daily and increased it to 20mg daily after 2 weeks. My hunger increased rapitly which was a new experience for me. You can literally eat everything what is around and edible :)Also I also slept a bit better. Side effects I experienced have been some numb feeling in arms, but only at the beginning. I also felt dizziness and in the beginning a little stomach ache. This I solved with taking Ibutamoren together with breakfast (avoid taking it on empty stomach!). All in all I would suggest Ibutamoren for a bulking phase, because the increase of hunger will increase the calorie intake. I took it for 50 days. In the middle of the cycle I also experienced a decrease of hunger. Maybe the body adapted after this period of time and the dosage need to be highten. But I never exceeded 20mg.

    My experiences with Ligandrol weren't that positive like I expected them to be. I started with Ligandrol when I have been in the last steps of Ibutamoren. Ligandrol worked, no question, but the effects are mild and slow. Increase of body mass is slow. As an alternative for steroids they definitley might take it parts, but if you are adapted to the gain results with AAS, Ligandrol is nothing for impatient people :) Side effects I experienced where a little bit tiredness in the middle of the cycle, my blood preasure increased 10mmHg diastolic and my kidney function where on the border of normal range.
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    thank you for the feedback and info -- much appreciated
  4. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
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    Pharmacom Test E. this is good number for bulking? It's in spanish
  6. 4263 ng/dl (converted) is a fine number, of course that doesn't mean much if you don't have your diet, training and rest in order. If you're doing everything right, you should be seeing progress.

    How much Test E are you taking per injection and how many times are you injecting per week?
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    This bloodwork is from early on. It may be higher now. I'm taking almost 1cc EOD for about 1000mg/week. 75-100mg Proviron/day, and about to add in HGH+insulin. Haven't added the HGH+ Nolvolin R. I wanted to make sure my test #'s were gtg first. The results r great. Just dont want to waste HGH+slin. it's expensive
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    yes, those results show your testosterone is very high -- plenty of test.
    So that is in place, but as @MisterSuperGod said, the most important factors are to have the diet and training in order so you may take maximum advantage of the elevated hormone levels.
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  9. Someone will probably jump in and say that those numbers stink because with this set of numbers, you scored 4x your dosage.

    They may be higher now and since there's no comparison blood work, no one can really say where you "should" be at, so prepare for that. There's always that one guy.

    Though i do find it a bit odd that you're using Proviron, which should increase FT, but your FT is just a couple points above the low end of the reference range.

    Were you taking Proviron prior to this blood work?
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    The bloodwork is a greater than > for free test. it wasn't an exact number. my free test is probably pretty high. This was shortly after my third inject of almost 300 mg. It definitely is much higher now. I can sumo pull 3,000 kg w/ one hand now
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  13. Hi, thanks for the analysis, we really hope that you are happy.. =)))
  14. Hi, yeah, he's on our team.. =)))
  15. You're right, he looks like this all year.. =)))
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    Love all the products so far. gunna try the clen after this bulk. The estrogenic side affects r under control. The 1 thing that 1000 mg test is giving me is sweaty palms and feet on occasion. DO u do anything for sweaty palms and feet? it's not a problem, just annoying
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  17. i don't get the sweaty palms, but the feet, ugh! Pretty bad as of late. Not sure how to make it stop, but i do advise wearing cotton socks with the least amount of polyester in them.

    The cotton socks will allow for better air flow and you won't get punched in the nose by foul oder when you take your shoes off after a long day.
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    Lame. On another note, I've been taking the MK for about two months now. 30 mg the first 30 days. Then I switched to 20mg for the next 30 days. I did this because this because I suffering crazy heartburn from it and the bloat was just too much. But even at 20 mg a day my strength is still up and my pumps are almost dbol like. I do feel like the effect is starting to fade but the fact that I havnt had to decrease weight in the gym by now is pretty incredible because I'm well into pct after a 5week ester clear. The only part that I've slowed down on is cardio. It does kind of put you in the dumps, maybe a little anxiety too. Nothing amazing as far as skin or sleep go. Typical hand tightness no ankle edema or anything. And I had to switch from taking it in the morning because taking at night would cause me to wake up with that ungodly heartburn that felt like a heart attack. Appetite is still up but more controllable at 20 and no more bloat, just good pumps. Definitely would be buying this in the future.

    Gotta keep us updated on the TESOS.

    As far as RAD and LIG go. I never requested them. Have no interest in them. Probably going to give them away. Sorry

    Just came off a Pcom cycle by the way. 600 mg sust 13 weeks with some dbol in the middle. Put on 20 pounds. Havnt lost any of it yet.

    Anecdotal I know, with no bloods or pics but thought I'd let you know. I'm sure ill deflate somewhat over the next couple months but I'm confident in the gains I made.... Just wish I had that TESOS to help me cut a little
    I was also interested in its antidepressant properties because I turn into a straight women during pct... But oh well.
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    we also wish the TESO was good. Just think, the source lost a lot of money on raws batch -- really sucks for the lab.
    But at least with Basicstero/Pharmacom the source rather just take the loss and tell everyone when a source supplier did wrong rather than produce and sell below standard product.
    That is what I respect a lot about Frank and Pharmacom -- same with caber a few years ago -- if raws come back under the sources standard, the product is not made.
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