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    Why they would be more motivated with ephedrine ? If you catch someone with aas they will still investigate because they know you are doing more so why ephedrine will make more investigation please ?
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    Fucking FUCK.

    ive been waiting since LAST TUESDAY for my shit and its still not here. Idk why the fuck I even paid for domestic its taking just as long as an international order. This is fucking ridiculous.

    Starting to get pissed. Sorry for the attitude. Waste of damn money on domestic. DONT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID.
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    Think you could fucking ship priority for $20 shipping I mean god damn you get what you pay for my ass
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    I dont think your paying for faster delivery when choosing domestic, its just for the safety... (not sure if im right tho..)

    And man... waiting since last tuesday ? 1 week is nothing. You are better getting used to slower shippment since this isnt amazon. Waited once nearly 3 months to get my shit (wasnt with Pharmacom). If you dont bring patience then this game isnt for you
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    And...? BTW, you're not making a mistake. They didn't offer you Prime, next-day delivery for free.
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  7. Hi, unfortunately, there is no exact information about this yet. We will definitely write when the information appears.
  8. Hi, thanks, we appreciate your feedback.
  9. Hi, i don't have any information about it yet, but we will definitely write about it when the information comes out.
  10. Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience, sometimes delivery takes longer than we want. But don’t worry, you will definitely receive your order, just wait a little longer.
  11. Hi, thanks, we appreciate your feedback.
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    In some countries such as the USA there are strict regulation on Ephedrine because it is used in the production of methamphetamine
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    Maybe he is not fro the USA and not familiar with things such as Thanksgiving that occurred last week and made less business days
    He may not understand that workers sometime have days off and take holidays to spend time away from work.
    Also, he may not understand a source has no control over the postal service.
    That is my guess. No big deal.
    I am sure he will get his pack soon and in the very rare event of a postal service loss or mistake, Basicstero has always made things right and sent re-ship.
    But waiting only one week, and it was a holiday thanksgiving week, I don;t think anything is lost or any problems at all.
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  14. PHARMA MIX 3.

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    Has anyone already tried it? We will be glad to hear your opinion, feedback, suggestions or questions.

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    how legit is this? i'm looking into the site but i keep getting server errors.
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    here is correct site (first is my personal referral code, and the second is just the general site address):
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    More info please?
  18. Pharmacom Labs

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    If you used not cryptocurrency for payment, probably reason in delay is not in shipping, but that it may takes several days to pick up other payment options. We warn about it in our FAQ. Shipping within the USA even at regular price works fine in most of the cases. I will contact you and check your order.
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    Brief info for all customers regarding package of our HGH. Additionaly to the regular package, which is pretty large, we made a new compact box, which will allow shipping more kits in one shipment, if needed. Below is a sample picture.
    Do not wonder, if you get HGH in this packaging. It is legit. It also has protection codes.
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    pharmacomlabs official website is down ?