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    I ordered a single vial of Pharmacom Test no ester oil base, and tried some on max out week and liked it. Thinking of using it more regularly during next cycle, but the pip was nasty. Had the quad and delt sore and slightly swollen for a couple of days after use.
    Do everybody have a similar reaction and is it an issue with all TNE ? I thought suspension was pretty bad but the oil base version less painful.
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    Looking good! Not much to say other than keep doing what you're doing cause it's obviously working!
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    I have used it myself, but I would expect it to be normal to have PIP.
    Shorter the ester (or no ester is most extreme case) then usually lower the solubility.
    Because the solubility is so low, when the oil dissipates some of the compound may crash out of solution at the microscopic level and irritate the tissue. Even with completely clean, sterile, high quality products, this would be the case.
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    Thanks brother.

    Thank you.
    Cycle was basically 1000mg Test-E and 1000mg EQ with 300mg Deca for frist half, then 400mg tren second half.
    approx 4 to 8 iu GH ED (it varied depending upon day at what point in cycle etc). most of GH pre-workout, then a couple iu pre-bed. Injectable L-carnitine pre-workout. approx 30 min after pre-workout carnitine and GH, humalog low dosages at about 3 to 5 iu (depening upon session needs) with immediate carbs, to drive carnitine and creatine cellular uptake, and to extended igf-1 from GH.
    Intra workout nutrition is a lot of water with creatine, EAAs, simple carbs, and electrolytes. Post workout, whey-iso and carbs. Then, go home and eat full real meal.

    Top secret info ;) lol
    But I think maybe everyone can guess :)
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    lol yeah, you got me, but no shame in wanting to be fabulous ;)
    Hey, I was flattered when I tried an image search and the ultimate warrior was one of the main search results -- lol the colors etc made it find a bunch of old WWF wrestler pics.
    I'll take it! :)
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    Thank you for the kind words brother.
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    Thanks for your input ! It´s a bit disturbing if a single TNE injection blocks a pinning area for several days with swelling and soreness, I noticed it states on the bottle for IM only. What would happen with SuqQ Injection ? Would the time of action become much slower ? I´ve used quite a bit of test prop subQ without any pip, so keen on going that way if that helps.
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    I have never used the no ester product; however, in general, if I pin too shallow and oil gets subQ, I have experiences more discomfort than proper IM (with proper IM shots, I have no PIP with the products I use). But, again, I have no experience with the specific product you are asking about, and everyone is different.
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    Thank you to @RThoads for his insights on GW 501516 / Cardarine
    This was a small QA we had offline:

    Can you comment on the oral version versus the liquid?
    I found inject to be more potent; by this I mean I only took 7.5 mg ED and felt the same as I did on 10mg-20mg of oral.
    Also, inject avoids traveling to digestive track and I feel this may lessen any potential intestine cancer risk as reported in one study.
    The downside to the inject is that the actual shot HURT -- I with small slin needle tho and maybe did not get into muscle enough. ZERO PIP, but during the shot it stung a lot, then after a few minutes no pain.

    Recommended dosing 10-20mg/week?
    Yes, start with 10mg ED.
    See how you like it after a couple weeks.
    You may bump up to 20mg, but I see no reason to exceed 20mg ED.

    6-8weeks continuous usage followed by an equal amount of time off?
    Yes, that sounds like a safe approach. For myself, I went 12 on and so far have not had any issues. I take at least equal or MORE time off.

    Do we know if kidney and/or liver protectors are needed?
    It is NOT an oral AAS and I do not believe it is metabolized the same way (no 17a-methyl) ; not known to be liver or kidney toxic.
    In general I take NAC (NOW) and European Milk thistle (LEF) year round for general health. But I did not take anything specific for the GW501516

    Any other valuable comments from past customers usage?
    No side effects noted. Increased cardio capacity is well noted.
    No notable increase in strength or muscle mass.
    Fat loss is accelerated and overall endurance is better.

    @Pharmacom Labs
    @Pharmacom Support
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  11. Hi, unfortunately, there is no information about this yet, but we will definitely write as soon as the information appears.
  12. Hi, do not worry, everything will be fine, unfortunately, sometimes there are delays, just wait a little longer. If you need help, write me in private messages, I will do my best to help.
  13. Hi, if you have questions about drugs, cycle, pct, interpretation of blood work and so on, our specialist will help you:
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    i ordered from wharehouse 2. but, post office required signature at my front door . do you guys require signature to sign off on order.?
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    I have a question to Pharmacom and their reps.. is the production date of the vials up to date or are you using some old labels on new batches. I am wondering that I still see the production date of January 2018 on the sustanon and September 2017 on your NPP on your freshly received gear. Cannot imagine that you pre produce over 2 years. Please clarify
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    yes, in my own experience all my packs from W2 have required sig. If I was not home to sign, a notice was left that I brought to notice the post office and they gave me my pack.
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    I do not know answer regarding your specific question about the production date of the vials up to date or are some old labels on new batches.

    Maybe reps will know more and reply for you.

    But regardless, the contents are good for a long time past any printed date:

    Products are good way past the exp date :)
    check out this article from Harvard Medical School:
    Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything? - Harvard Health

    Drug Expiration Dates — Do They Mean Anything?
    FDA study gets to the heart of expired medicine and safety
    Updated: August 13, 2018
    Published: November, 2003
    [​IMG]The big question is, do pills expire? With a splitting headache, you reach into your medicine cabinet for some aspirin only to find the stamped expiration date on the medicine bottle is more than a year out of date. So, does medicine expire? Do you take it or don't you? If you decide to take the aspirin, will it be a fatal mistake or will you simply continue to suffer from the headache?

    This is a dilemma many people face in some way or another. A column published in Psychopharmacology Today offers some advice.

    It turns out that the expiration date on a drug does stand for something, but probably not what you think it does. Since a law was passed in 1979, drug manufacturers are required to stamp an expiration date on their products. This is the date at which the manufacturer can still guarantee the full potency and safety of the drug.

    Most of what is known about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military. With a large and expensive stockpile of drugs, the military faced tossing out and replacing its drugs every few years. What they found from the study is 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date.

    So the expiration date doesn't really indicate a point at which the medication is no longer effective or has become unsafe to use. Medical authorities state if expired medicine is safe to take, even those that expired years ago. A rare exception to this may be tetracycline, but the report on this is controversial among researchers. It's true the effectiveness of a drug may decrease over time, but much of the original potency still remains even a decade after the expiration date. Excluding nitroglycerin, insulin, and liquid antibiotics, most medications are as long-lasting as the ones tested by the military. Placing a medication in a cool place, such as a refrigerator, will help a drug remain potent for many years.

    Is the expiration date a marketing ploy by drug manufacturers, to keep you restocking your medicine cabinet and their pockets regularly? You can look at it that way. Or you can also look at it this way: The expiration dates are very conservative to ensure you get everything you paid for. And, really, if a drug manufacturer had to do expiration-date testing for longer periods it would slow their ability to bring you new and improved formulations.

    The next time you face the drug expiration date dilemma, consider what you've learned here. If the expiration date passed a few years ago and it's important that your drug is absolutely 100% effective, you might want to consider buying a new bottle. And if you have any questions about the safety or effectiveness of any drug, ask your pharmacist. He or she is a great resource when it comes to getting more information about your medications.
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    No Ester compounds, IMO, should only be used sparingly. It’s best to use for a boost during a cycle. No real reason to pin it daily.
    For instance, if you’re on cycle using Test E 500mg per week and need an extra boost on leg day then it can help aid the test that’s already in your system and boost your test for your workout session.
    I’ve seen guaiacol used a lot in the no ester compounds. This ingredient can be toxic when it’s taken too much. Just be aware of that also.

    Sub-q will also slow down the absorption process. Usually pining IM it takes around 1 1/2 hrs to ‘kick in’ in my experience anyway.
    The whole idea of no esters is to hit quick so I wouldn’t wanna slow it down myself. Plus if it’s knotting you up IM, I’d assume it be worse sub-q?

    I believe a couple times per week is the best way to go with the no esters bro! Just don’t pin it in the same place you do with your cycle compounds ;)
    Good luck :)
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  20. Hi, I will check the information and write to you.
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