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  1. Please write to me in private messages the order number and when it was made.
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  2. Hi, yes, a signature is needed, but sometimes they don’t ask her.
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    Out of curiosity, why are your amps more expensive than vials for the same compound?
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    Maybe amps have more production and material effort bro
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    there is no meaningful difference in price.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought they are only $1 USD difference?

    But I just checked the site and I see many examples where they are the exact same price for amps and vial.
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    I should have made myself more clear, I was referring to the US domestic section. For example, Test P $58 per vial vs. $63 for the amps
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    I think for that warehouse, amps are more rare. They are less in demand in the US market. My guess is statistically, over thousands of orders, the small price difference helps pay for the added operational cost of importing and holding a less demanded item in stock.
    The premium on the item passes to cost of stocking that item to those that demand it, as opposed to making a small price increase across all items/customer to pay for that specific special item demand.
    So this way the broader line can be kept at as low of a price as possible (instead of splitting the opportunity cost the source endures for carrying a less demanded item and averaging prices across all items).
    just my guess.

    but maybe they just do it to be interesting and mysterious :)
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    Makes sense, appreciate the response man
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  9. PHARMA MIX 5.

    Each milliliter contains:
    - Trenbolone Base 25 mg / ml.
    - testosterone Base 50 mg / ml.
    - Stanozolol Base 25 mg / ml.

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    + Quickly increases strength.
    + Acts stronger than the well-known pre-workout complexes.
    + Increases secretion of insulin-like growth factor.

    Has anyone already tried it? We will be glad to hear your opinion, feedback, suggestions or questions.

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    We receive noticeably increased amount of emails with complains regarding long delivery. If it takes 6-10 from warehouse 1 to the USA,e.g. now some packages show up only after 20 or even 30 days. Packages from W2 take 17-21 days as a rule, but now it can take 30+days.
    Folks please have patience. We warned about possible delays in advance.
    There is nothing we can do with it. Halloween, Black Friday, Cyberweek, Thanksgiving, coming Christmas and New year..Number of packages carried by postal services multiplies at this period each single year. No way we can speed it up. Please have patience and order in advance. It is even kind of funny to read in virtually every 3rd email that someone has competitions soon and needs products urgently.
    We dispatch goods pretty quick, but further shipping way is beyond our control.Please be ready to increased shipping time up to by 2 times in some cases. Not only we but every source can have similar delays. This is worldwide.
    For those who needs fast we have domestic warehouses for Europe and USA.
    Thank you for understanding.
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    There are 2 main reasons for this.
    1. At production we spend 15-20% more oil for amps than for vials for the same volume! 10 ml vial = 10 x 1 ml amps and in theory it is the same volume. However, pharmacopeia defines how much excessive volume should be available in a vessel depending on its size. For viscous solutions in 1 ml ampules the advised excessive volume makes 10-15%. It is done to compensate possible temperature/viscosity deviations and it is taken into account that some amount of oil stays in the needle. We observe these regulations. In my latest post here I gave a link to a video showing that ampules have 1.1 ml of oil in fact. This volume may vary a bit due to viscosity.
    Here is this video again
    2. Ampules take larger volume that vials and transport of them causes higher costs.
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    Information sent on Tuesday. Any update here?
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    Yes, exactly, people need to realize when a source ships the pack, it is no longer within the source's control -- the source did it's part and sent the product (same as if a person sent me a letter; once he or she sends it, then it is in the postal service's hands).

    Let me add this info about the postal service. Times vary greatly as a result of the postal service (nothing any source can control).
    This is tracking result from an order not too long ago; both pack are from the same exact order and sent at the same exact time -- as can been seen, the arrival time was much different for each pack:

    also, here you can see that sometimes tracking step do not update (again, the postal service's responsibility; the source only has the same tracking info a customer has ) -- here you can see steps here are skipped and not scanned or updated for multiple weeks -- then, suddenly pack arrives to distribution center:
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    Thanks for the insight. That was very helpful to know. I was wondering is the 17-30 days total after you get the tracking number or total? So for W2 you don't get tracking number until at least 7 days after so for those orders or orders from W2 in general it is 17-30 days from order or 24-37 days from order? Fully understand it isn't within sources control just curious.
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    just add about 1-2 week extra from however w1 time takes or w2, I just recieved my w1 order took about 3 weeks total, first time ordering but I think it took about a week longer than normal
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    Ok thanks for the insight! Appreciate it!
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    If you order from Pharmacom just have some patience, the product is well worth the wait.
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  20. Hi, we are checking the information, I will write to you, but a little later.
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