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  1. ronpaek100

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    Okay boys, just wanted to leave a review. Placed 2 big order during Black Friday Promotion, used stealth packaging option since products came from W2, 5 of the 6 packages arrived last week. I was worried because one package was stuck in customs, but it cleared customs a week later and package has arrived safely. I just want to say Pharmacom stealth option is top notch, best i've seen. So yeah boys expect packages to arrive in 4-6 weeks if you've ordered from W2.
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  2. kakashi477

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    Waiting for 2 months now
  3. TNotch347

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    Anyone know what the carrier oil is for the test cyp C200 amps?
  4. RThoads

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    Pharmacom carrier oil is GSO (grape seed oil).
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  6. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
  7. weezsti

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    Hey man, first time ordering with you guys and just wanted to say your guys stuff is awesome . Probably best gear I have had next to pharmacy grade stuff . The inj Anadrol is fuckin insane man . Once things settle down with China I’m looking to order from y’all again
  8. pakitrojan

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    How come you guys don't have any hcg ons sale in US domestic site? There is no HCG available in your pct section for sale at the current moment.
  9. Pharmacom Labs

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    Well, we actually ordered it for both Domestic and International warehouse, but our source has still not supplied it.New laws do really spoil the situation with restocking. I hope we will get it restocked soon, but depends not really on us.
  10. Pharmacom Labs

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    Here our recent latest video from our production facility for those who has not seen it yet.
  11. RThoads

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    it is simply out of stock. If the source had some for sale, you would see it available there.

    Reminder, out of stock items will have a "notify" button instead of the "Add to cart" button:
    You can click the "notify" icon and enter you email address to get an email alert when the specific item is restocked.
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  13. Thank you for your feedback, we hope you are happy..)))

    If you have questions - contact us, we will always help.
  14. Honk

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    Checking out the posts delivery seems to really vary a lot for out side USA. If ordering for canada any ideas on normal delivery time? Cheers thanks and if seized what's the wait time do you need the letter as I have had stuff stopped and never seen a letter.
  15. Weedup

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    Me as part of the "anxious tracking delay group", have to share that all went good, like it's normal with this source. Received tracking and one day later the goods. 5 stars
    Hope things will sort out with all this ban China laws.
  16. really small guy

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    Remember when you messaged me saying you would reship my order that wasn't received... And that your offer was" limitless in time.. "..

    I tried responding to your pm where you said that... But some months have passed with no reply. Screenshot_20200110-092343.png
  17. Pharmacom Labs

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    Oh, did not notice it. Sorry, but yes this offers still valid as I promised. I will find your message or contact you.
  18. really small guy

    really small guy Member Supporter

    Understandable. Thank you.
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  20. Hi, I'll check the information and write to you.
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