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  1. kakashi477

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    The time has come for Pharmacom to start their own raws production!!
  2. Pxpxp

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    That is what needs to be done! You would have 100% control over your products and their purity.. I will be very impressed if pcom goes this route
  3. kakashi477

    kakashi477 Golden Labs Representative

    100% agree brother!!! I would never go anywhere else
  4. Mayne

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    I am trying hard to understand one thing which apparently escaped the realm of math.

    To people hating on Pharmacom for being an overpriced brand, with the 700/700 even 300/200 promo on how many vendors you know which have a better value for money with all the lab work done? I mean 300mg testosterone enanthate at ~$25 for just an example...

    To Pharmacom how exactly would your 20% increase in pricing WITHOUT the promo be a 20% increase but not 120%? I mean before I found out about your promotion I knew you are a legitimate brand and would have likely never ordered from you anyway just due to the extremely high mark up which many people have mentioned. That would be $0 that you earned from me while with the promo on I made multiple orders without even thinking about checking any other brand. Imagine how many more people did what I did and I mean you already know choosing to extend your promotion for the better part of the year. I have literally bought nearly all kinda trenbolone you have, ace, hex, tri, pharma mix enough for years ahead long before the China announcement and enough boldenone, nandrolone, testosterone and masteron to likely not warrant me typing anything but I had to due to being unable to understand how having a tiny instead of enormous clientele would be more profitable with that change in the mark up which I explained above.

    I hope you will rethink going forward I appreciate your work and I wish you good fortune in the market
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  5. B Ware

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    ^^^^ THIS

    You guys have always been ridiculously over priced but you knew it so you always ran a promotion. Which is silly when you could of just sold for cheaper but I guess a year round “promotion” makes the customer feel like they got a deal. Anywho, you can’t take away the promotion and increase prices or like Mayne stated, that will be 110-120% increase.

    I for one am a customer. Heck, actually waiting on a pack now. Just hate that this will probably be the last one coming from y’all as you’ve lost your damn mind if you think anyone is going to pay 120% extra when if you left your prices as they are now and just took away the promotion you’d still be profitable and over priced on most items.
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  6. Pxpxp

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    Absolutely true. I never really saw it that way!! But!! If they end up making their own raws, then they could control the prices more.
    I will say it one more time, but for as big as PCom is, it appears that they only had one supplier (I could be wrong). And like I posted before- why did the supplier wait to tell PCom a week (or so)before Christmas.
    You would think the supplier would have some idea that this was coming .. and PCom I bet was one of their biggest customers.. and no heads up?
    those are the things that are making me confused. But I have faith that PCom will come out on top and hopefully better than before
  7. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    We do not increase any prices so far. It is highly possible in future, but let`s not ride before the hounds. Yes we do not have promotions now and yes it obviously means higher prices for customers. It is market. We see demand. We do offer. High quality products can not be cheap. Production, testing, shipping, everything has its cost. We have lots of expenses and generally it is pretty obvious that nobody would risk so much for an average income, which can be achieved by legal business.In new market conditions, we will just adapt to new circumstances. We will not raise prices if market is not influenced by chinese ban. Now it looks the opposite way.
    Rumours about possible ban showed up in the end of November only. Suppliers did not know what will happen in fact and until now it looks so that many UGLs still have some stock and did not contact their suppliers, so they might still not know what is going on.

    Info about possible ban was firstly published on 18th of November in Chinese language here

    Here a few sources/discussions with more details in English
    List of banned substances is available here
    Even SARMs are banned.
    We know that new laws went into force officially, but we still do not have any certainty regarding how it will affect the market. Whether raws of chinese production disappear or not after current stocks are sold. Whether export of substances will be really under strict control. New laws were accepted extremely fast, nobody managed to react somehow and many probably still do even not know about it. There was not much sense to post any info without facts. We realized seriousness of the situation in the 20s numbers of December only when we encountered real issues getting raws, before everything was just on rumors level.
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  8. Gumphrey

    Gumphrey Junior Member

    Are orders being processed and shipped now?

    I've been hesitating making an order because of the delays
  9. Nick W

    Nick W Junior Member

    I placed an order three weeks ago and still haven’t received a tracking number
  10. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    Yes. There were some delays and it is normal for this period. All packages from warehouse 1 were shipped for sure. A part of tracking numbers should be uploaded today within a few hours. Tracking numbers for US domestic warehouse should be uploaded also within a few hours.
    As for warehouse 2,it required more time for processing due to both enormous number of orders placed during our promotion and also holidays. Real disaster for postal services. It takes some time to collect all tracking numbers, write them down and upload. Our shippers usually make sure first that packages leave the source country successfully and only after this upload tracking numbers. Due to all mentioned above it takes really longer now as well as ETA can easily take twice longer than usually at this time. It is really beyond our control. Please, patience. Tracking numbers will be uploaded soon. Customers will get emails with tracking numbers.Don`t forget to check spam/junk folder. Messages often get into it. Tracking numbers also can be seen once uploaded in order details under customers personal account.
  11. Nick W

    Nick W Junior Member

    Thanks for the reply. I’m not worried yet, you guys have always come through.
  12. Pharmacom Labs

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    Just trying to prevent possible panic, cause our reps informed me they get many messages asking for tracking info and this is the main question at our email now. We are doing our best, but have to take some precautions,which also takes time. It is not safe to ship large batches of packages all at same time, always need to split in smaller batches. It takes time,especially now during increased turnover.
  13. ronpaek100

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    What's best way to contact support? I sent a message to @Pharmacom Support but have not heard back yet, it's been a couple days now
  14. Hutch1

    Hutch1 Member

    My order was marked as SHIPPED from usa domestic today. No tracking yet.
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  16. Hi, don't worry, I answered You.
  17. Hi, don't worry, delays happen sometimes, just wait a little longer.
  18. RThoads

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    NOTE regarding tracking (which is a common inquiry I see daily across various boards and PMs):
    In my experience, usually tracking is NOT uploaded until a pack leaves the warehouse country and passes outgoing (origin nation's) customs.
    In my opinion this usually takes approx a couple weeks for intl packs.
    Please be patient and try not to ask customer service for tracking info -- tracking will be uploaded to your dashboard when it is available and authorized to be given out.
    A source has no control over the postal service nor if packs are accurately scanned/updated within the postal system (once the pack is shipped, a source can only see what tracking shows you -- just like if/when you mail something to someone).
    Keep in mind you can check the status of your order on the Basicstero site by loging into the warehouse where you placed the order and navigating to your
    dashboard >> orders >> select the order you would like to see.
    IF tracking has been uploaded to your account it will appear there in the order details section.

    Here is more info on the source's website regarding tracking (see FAQ #21), and this is not even considering the holiday season, massive load on the postal system, and people's time away from work because of holidays:
  19. Pharmacom Labs

    Pharmacom Labs Member Supporter

    Domestic tracking numbers were uploaded. A good half of tracking numbers for both W1 and W2 was also uploaded. The rest is coming soon.
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