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    for more information regarding testing please see the "Terms & Consitions" section on the sources site. For this specific topics scroll down to the heading "SPECIAL CONDITIONS" (linked below):
    Regardless of results, even if they come back good, the customer will get a free vial to replace the one sent for testing. If results are poor, teh customer will get compensated, testing fees paid, and still get a replacement vial and some bonus for his or her time and effort.
    But I have no authority to make binding agreements so please read those terms of the source's site and contact the source's customer service directly via teh "Contact Us" form on teh source's site (linked below):
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    Also note, regarding testing -- it is only valid for our actual genuine products purchase directly for Basicstero.

    There are MANY counterfiets around the world (later when i have more time, I will quote examples) and the source has no control over nor responcible for counterfiets.

    Genuine Pharmacome product are GOOD! amoung the possible in the world. This is why people invest in making counterfiets -- Pharmacom is so good that scammers find it worth it to purchase the equipment to make very good looking FAKES.
    These fakes are sold all over the world.
    IF a FAKE is tested and shows poor results, that is not Pharmacoms problem nor can teh source do anything about it (clearly, any company would prefer there are no fakes, but what can they do?).

    FAKES hurt business and hurt customers.
    This is why you should buy directly from the source.
    Staye safe and buy real products.
    The only direct-from-Pharmacom store is Basicstero.
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    Ok, all new PMs are replied :)
    Time for me to go for a bit -- I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day.
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    Well said @RThoads
    Spoken like a true politician :p
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    I am eager to see all details please. Chromatogram, full testing reports with graphs and tech details, equipment used as well as batch numbers of tested products, etc.
  6. PHARMA MIX 5.

    Each milliliter contains:
    - Trenbolone Base 25 mg / ml.
    - testosterone Base 50 mg / ml.
    - Stanozolol Base 25 mg / ml.

    PHARMA MIX 5 is an explosive mixture of three non-essential drugs that are incredibly fast and effective. Due to its composition, PHARMA MIX 5 is considered one of the best pre-workout stimulants in the world, just one injection of 1 ml of PHARMA MIX 5, 1-2 hours before training, will give you the opportunity to feel all the strength hidden in you.

    PHARMA MIX 5 Effects:
    + Reduces the percentage of body fat and increases muscle relief.
    + Quickly increases strength.
    + Acts stronger than the well-known pre-workout complexes.
    + Increases secretion of insulin-like growth factor.

    Has anyone already tried it? We will be glad to hear your opinion, feedback, suggestions or questions.

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    Wikibolics’s lab is « Middle East Testing Services» an Émirat lab with accreditation

    And you can find all info on their app (we can’t screen the report and chromatography) and for any info about the realization of the test
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    Got tracking for my reship package hope it makes it, got my domestic order that came in this week from Pharmacom . Extra help to hold me over much appreciated thanks . Great service and help taking care of this situation .
    @Pharmacom Labs
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    How quick is the domestic US shipping ? Any problems guys or delays ? Anyone know what the pip is like on the primo 200 Thanx
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    US Domestic shipping is usually about one business week. No problems that I know of -- last i heard the US warehouse was fucntioning as usual.
    PIP for me on Primo 200 is there but not bad at all.
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    No pip for me.
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    In my experience Pharmacom is probably the least likely brand in the world to underdose. Must be fakes or diluted samples. If it actually is true then you can trust no brand ever.
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  13. Hi, I'm glad to hear it, thank you for your feedback.
  14. Hi, our customers regularly post reviews here, don't worry, everything is fine.
  15. Hi, glad to hear it, hope you are happy and thank you for your feedback.
  16. Hi, don't worry, our customers regularly post analyses and reviews, everything is good, everyone who uses our products is satisfied with its quality.
  17. Pay attention to PHARMA MIX 4.

    Each milliliter of PHARMA MIX 4 contains:
    - testosterone Phenylpropionate 130 mg.
    - Testosterone Decanoate 270 mg.
    - Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 70 mg.
    - Nandrolone Decanoate 130 mg.

    According to the content of the active substance, 1 vial of PHARMA MIX 4 is equivalent to 1.5 vials of 250 Testosterone and 2 vials of 100 Nandrolone.

    Buying PHARMA MIX 4, you get a classic course of Testosterone + Nandrolone in an ideal proportion of 2 to 1.