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  1. MrBombastic

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    How securely are domestic orders packed? I don’t want a leaking pack attracting attention.
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  2. Pharmacom Labs

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    After numerous requests from customers we changed ordering logic for our international section.
    Now you can chose what warehouse to order from.

    It can be whether warehouse 1 or warehouse 2. Please note all products within one single order should be picked up from one and the same warehouse.

    Right now warehouse 1 can ship without delays within EU only. If you are outside of EU please select products from warehouse 2.
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    Just typical packaging. Each product is a sealed vial that is inside its own product box. Then the multiple products in an order are usually wrapped together in plastic. Finally, all is inside a plain (nothing stands out) shipping package. It is not any special vaccum sealed plastic wrap or special box, but scroll through the thread and it is hard to find any complaint of anything leaking (vials are new and air-tight sterile sealed).

    I personally only remeber one complaint in the past 5 years of a broken vial. So pretty good odds with thousands of orders a week and only one such post in years. :)
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  4. Bilomuz

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    Is the promotion for W2 $35 if spending $100-$199?.
    Thought it was $50 for W2 but gives $35 when processing the order but could have misread (have ensured W2 is selected).
  5. Hi, please don't worry, our customers regularly post reviews here, there are no problems with packaging, everything will be fine.
  6. Hi, I will check the information and write to you.

    PHARMATREN 50 is a unique water-based drug manufactured by Pharmacom Labs. Pure trenbolone, not containing an ester, with an activity of only 3-4 hours, ideal as a powerful pre-workout.

    Each milliliter of PHARMATREN 50 contains 50 milligrams of Trenbolone base.

    Differences PHARMATREN 50:
    + Reduces the percentage of body fat and increases muscle relief.
    + Quickly increases strength.
    + There is no aromatization.
    + Acts stronger than the well-known pre-workout complexes.
    + Visibly builds muscle mass.
    + Increases secretion of insulin-like growth factor.

    PHARMATREN 50 is a multifunctional and very effective drug, the strongest pre-workout stimulator that increases aggression and strength, for extreme loads, at an attractively low price.

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    Is a tracking number provided once an order is completed?
  9. Aiden7

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    Ordered 4 weeks ago on the w2 and i received my package today.
    Im in Europe.
    Like always everything is perfect, thank you for the support team on the forum again.
  10. justanoob

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    has there been any recent testing or bloodwork on Test, NPP/Deca or any orals?
  11. RThoads

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    Tracking is uploaded to the customer's dashboard, and usually an automated notification email is sent by teh computer system, once the pack passes out of the warehouse country of origin's customs (after enough time has passed that it will not add any risk to the source, warehouse, or shippers etc).

    For more information checkout the FAQ on the source's website in the link below (number 21 mentions tracking):
    I hope that helps :)
  12. Klimmzugernie

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    Package landed a couple of weeks ago in Europe from w1. Shipping time was 7 days after payment.
    Perfect as always.

    Just wondering that testosterone cypionat 200 seems to be much more liquid than their e300 .. so it is much easier to draw into the syringe.
    Edit: tracking number was uploaded a day after arrival. So no worry guys if it is still missing.

    Use 0.5ml of test c 200 and 0,3ml of drostanolon 100 Ed. Mo, we, fr 0,3ml of their deca 600 and tue, thur, sa 0,3ml of their bolde 500.
    No pip at all.
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    I take a look on there shop site, but more than 50% from there products OUT OF STOCK ?
  14. Klimmzugernie

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    Just Warehouse 1. That's true. Hope this will be restocked soon
  15. RThoads

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    W2 is motsly all in stock and delivery to most countries in the world without issue.
    If you have question regarding a specific country, or love in one less commonly mentioned here, just ask and the source can tell you if they ship to that place (I will even contact the source also on your behalf :) to ask if they ship to that country).
  16. Hi, yes, you will receive the track, but not immediately, but some time after placing the order.
  17. Hi, I'm glad to hear it, thank you for your feedback.
  18. Hi, I will check the information and write to you.