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    Thanks I got in touch with them yesterday they said they're shipping it out tomorrow.
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    Will there be any adrol available in the international warehouse anytime soon? Sorry if its already been answered.
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    Pharmatropin or angtropin?
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    In case anyone randomly wants to know how many euro equal to US dollars
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    @Pharmacom Helper @Pharmacom Labs
    Can one of you please PM me I am not receiving communication back through email in reference to an order issue. Thanks guys!
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    So guys, i am here finally.
    1. Regarding pharmaoxy result. We are not ignoring this situation. That vial tested is from an old batch, which we already don`t don`t have in our international warehouse. But our european warehouse still has the same batch. We sent to Simec both vials - from our international warehouse directly from the factory - to prove you that the current batch is ok and a vial from our european warehouse. If the result will be like at anaboliclab there will be something to think about. Generally as far as i understood from our team the peaks found could be typical for the chemically broken oxymetholone, but first let`s wait for the newest results. Generally if you use basicstero you have nothing to worry about. Our testing program is valid, if you have doubts, you can send your samples and if our product fails the testing of course you get your product replaced without any questions.

    2. I think my colleague mention that we are about to start producing an absolutely new drug... In 2 words this is a vaccine, that works like myostatine inhibitor. The main difference from all inhibitors being currently on the market is that this is not some active agent that disables production of myostatine. This is a vaccine and works as any vaccine. It makes body’s natural defenses to safely develop immunity to "disease" - myostatine in our case. In this case your body make itself to produce less myostatine. Our athletes team is already testing it. Sergey Kulaev IFBB pro and our competing athletes are currently testing it and satisfied with results. More details will be provided a bit later. By the way, this vaccine shall be injected only 2 times within 3 month. first one injection and 2 weeks later another one. Minimum 3 month after this it will be working...

    3. Regarding seizures, etc. All seizures happen as i mentioned before in Chicago and LA only. If you are from these cities or neighborhood please use stealth shipping. We are working on a new type of a stealth shipping which will be really stealth.

    Also, we have some seizures of orders shipped from Europe to Scandinavian countries. Our partner there refused to reship such vials. Currently we don`t provide delivery guarantee to Scandinavian countries even from our EU warehouse. After we get new stealth products we reconsider this issue.

    4. We have some changes in our site. Recently we had some major changes in our site which could cause bugs, namely if you chose WU as payment option you could get an error. It is fixed now.

    From now if you choose bitcoin as payment option you will get amount to pay in bitcoins. This amount is calculated in real-time by the official BTC- USD ratio. We had to use it because lot of customers used the ratio of their excahger and we received less funds as it shall be. Now we provide the amount to pay in bitcoins. 10% discount for bitcoin payments is considered in this case.

    5. i was not in wickr last several days. Now i am back. I will reply all messages soon. All emails were replied timely. If you have not received response please check your spam folder and make sure you use the contact form on our site and not the email - it is for automessages only.
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    that vaccine sounds like it will lead to a zombie apocalypse. imagine a breed of super jacked athletic elite zombies. starring the rock
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    You got my attention :D:D:D
    Edit - been researching this stuff for years and it almost sounds too good to be true
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    I assume it is related to this vaccine? Muscle gain seems like a crazy reason to put one's immune system at risk, but what do I know. I won't even get a flu shot.
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    Could you guys make an Anadrol, Test Propionate, trenbolone acetate Mix that or a Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Anadrol, Test Propionate Mix with a good ratio? I think it would be a hit, "Mass Mix" hahaha
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    Muscle building organic vaccine. Damn, pharmacoms playing god now. If you guys have the resources to produce these muscle building vaccines, then why can't you guys produce your own raws? You guys would run this game if you did that.

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    For is that live in la or chicago areas and had the first seizure even when ordered stealth, what do you recommend for the reship, wait until you create a new method? My last 5 consecutive reships have all been stealth and seized. I dont want to waste money because ive had 3 reships seized, and i know other members would hate to have their package seized as well. This is for the people that have placed and seized and order that have not asked for a reship.
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    Find someone you trust in like NY area? That would be asking a lot of some one, but may be your best option.
  14. Guys, just want to remind you:
    "Our guys were improving our system but made a mistake with orders export. To cut it short: a part of orders placed during our promo could be shipped without bonus items! If this is your case, don`t worry, we ship missing items after you inform us. Please use our email to report such cases. Sorry for inconvenience."
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    I made contact with the site and was told the items would be sent out. I wasn't given any type of time frame though. Could you pm me and let me know any details with this? @Pharmacom Labs
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    I think they should make it right man all the money we spend and to not get the orders thru maybe they should try to learn how to ship to make it go the costums somewhere eles Iv heard of companies doing it that way bring it thru the east coast
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    I was told the same thing. And that they'd create an order on my account so I'd be able to get the tracking number from there once it's been shipped. However, they haven't done it yet
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    Thank you, I wasn't given that last bit of information.
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    Wish i would have known that
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    Im all about being a guinea pig for drugs but a vaccine just doesnt sound like something i would ever want to fuck with. If you have neg sides your fucked
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