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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Mexicanmuscle, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Mexicanmuscle

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    Lol the results speak for itself, don’t worry. It’s ok
  2. Tiredandhot

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    Guys, thought some generic hgh and will be getting igf1 after 2 to 3 weeks. will follow up here.
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  3. Swolemonkey86

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    This is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Almost a cry for attention... MM you seem like a nice guy but if you’ve been in the biz for 2 years you should understand issues such as this. People will be skeptical at first if you have a much lower price point than others.. just how it is.
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  4. bolder

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    I been thinking about this all day... :eek:

    The only logical thing for you to do is have two different prices for the same product of hgh! The same price you have now, and the price increase of your choosing o_O

    Let the customer choose which price they prefer to pay. It’s a win win for everyone that way!! :cool: :D
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  5. aldo_dupaul

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    Well..... I have been on "Script " HGH when I had Insurance , now I dont have it. I've done Humatrope, Nutropin, all scripted from CVS and I got the sides from them also. People are different obviously lol! A large amount of people reacted the same as I. So....... I dont know what to say other then your Reply was a bit harsh with no room for Individuals Reactions to a compound. Maybe your reaction is Rare, but the Majority get those sides
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  7. Mexicanmuscle

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    The last thing I want it’s attention haha im 1 day out... but understand your point.
    Just want to people know my decisions and why! But the prices are cheap still.
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  8. gearwolf

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    I forgot the psychological term for it but it's definitely a reality. Perceived value and thus sales especially for luxury items can rise drastically just by charging a premium for the exact same product - especially for HGH but primo, var and other compounds I've heard 'that can't be real/good, it's too cheap' countless times.

    There's countless tales of this stupid effect at play since the rise of consumerism in the 20th century, so I can't blame the source for trying different price points to check how that influences sales.
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  9. Masterofron

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    Why the fuck does anyone here even care about that guys bloodwork? He can’t even post the blood work report without telling us what he’s on...
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  10. B Ware

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    Ridiculous! Barely sourcing a week here and you increase prices because you feel it will get you more sales? o_O

    Pharmaceutical Hgh should be your bread and butter as one line of your oils has tested to be garbage so who’s to say if the rest isn’t junk as well. I guess your logic is that since customers only want one product you’ll jack the price up on it.

    In no way is this post saying this guy has pharmacy hgh. For all we know it’s fake as it hasn’t been verified or tested yet

    MM good luck on your show!
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  11. TNotch347

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  12. lilhawk

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    Saizen cartridges are premixed. I’m not Mexicanmuscle but I’ve used the cartridges before from South America and they’re premixed.
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  13. aldo_dupaul

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  14. Propion8

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    saizen has never been offered in a 60iu form per the prescribing information. This information is readily available online
  15. TNotch347

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    I found saizen makes a 20mg solution available fore Switzerland. Which would be the 60iu.
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  16. TNotch347

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    DIN (Drug Identification Number)
    02215136 SAIZEN 3.33 MG VIAL
    02237971 SAIZEN 5 MG VIAL
    02272083 SAIZEN 8.8MG VIAL
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  17. Mexicanmuscle

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    Thanks man 3rd place! Haha next show in 4 months at colombia. Didn’t rise prices yet. And remember I’ve been selling since kid lol just realized that you people are very suspicious
  18. Mexicanmuscle

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    There is 60 iu one. Have photos in the album, I’m here if you need something.
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  19. TNotch347

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    Tracking would be great. ;)
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  20. Mexicanmuscle

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    I know man haha just asked for it!!! Thanks for your patience!!
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