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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Mexicanmuscle, Oct 3, 2019.

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    Any bloods yet on it?
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  2. Hey guys, being a board that protects it's members, I felt it was my responsibility to report my bloodwork for the Somatrope 50 from this source. I was running 4ius a day and blood igf came back low 100s... I sent an image to him and he just laughed it off. Pretty bummed because he recommended this GH out of the others and I took his word (yes I know that was idiotic...) anyways if anyone else has other bloodwork to prove otherwise I would steer clear. Pretty disappointing too as he said he "would reimburse if not happy with results"...
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    This GERMAN LABS (somatrope 50) was tested by i believe JJ14 over on BOP and was shown to be bunk as well. I am not sure if @JJ14 is the same guy here?? If so hopefully he will chime in.

    The German Labs stuff being sold on BOP, was from a source named Pompeyo, that source and this one carry a lot of the same items , like the XT LABS aas that has tested horribly as well.

    Sorry to hear about the shit results, hopefully ya didn't waste too much $$.
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  4. Thanks bro, he is now offering to replace the products with other so hopefully he follows through...
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    hey Big, where do I find those XT Labs tests?
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    See post #258 of this thread where I posted. But here are the results from

  7. Damn
    Dosed at 50% across the board.

    Am I reading it correctly that there was tren E in the Tren Ace mix?

    Also, the fact that this dude hasnt posted any HPLC for ANY product after promising it....

    I'd rather pay more elsewhere.

    What really fucks me up...
    You SHOWED him that the gear he sells is massively underdosed abd he continues to sell it.

    Or am I missing something?
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    LOL, yes sir, your eyes are not deceiving you regarding the poor results. Pretty shitty to say the least

    Ya after i pointed out these results, he stated that the items he sells were the legit XT LABS. blah blah blah, same song and dance.
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    ya jimmy bought like 3k off pomp it was all fake and I dont know mexican muscle but he sells same stuff as pomp so I would stay away from german labz hgh. .Pretty shitty he would laugh at 100 igf off of 4iu though. you got baseline or other bloods of hgh you ran before those?
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  10. With more bunk GH or half dosed gear from XT labs? You're in a lose lose situation it sounds like. Is Mexican still trying to sling this trash on Discord?
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    He hasn't ever tried slinging anything on the discord server we are both on as far as i am aware. But i did however notify everyone of the poor test result from alphastrength50. So, even if he was remotely thinking about it before, i would assume never now.

    But who knows... he may be on other servers / channels that i am not on.
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    He is lol... and he does..
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  13. Yeah man bloods were low 100 before a while ago so in other words no changes.

    He offered Zomacton so hopefully that can't be messed up.
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    At least zoma is an actual pharma brand... never ran it but hopefully you have better luck @alphastrength50
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  15. Bloodwork never lies ;)
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  16. Mex pulled through and delivered the Gentropin and Zomactons. So far both are causing massive lethargy and cts so for feels report it's good so far lol
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