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  1. Savagesteve

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    So a qualified chemist can be in possession of let’s say...trenbolone enanthate and it’s perfectly fine because he’s a chemist? Let me know how that works out...
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  2. daniboy

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    yes at his place of work a qualified chemist can totally be in possession of such substance without breaching the law. As long as he is not manufacturing and dsitributing said substance illegally it is perfectly ok for a chemist to analyze, study etc said substance.
  3. Sdryx

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    And what about their clients mailing the illegal substance? Fuck them huh?

    Impossible business model.

    I get your point, but you are missing the bigger point here.
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  4. daniboy

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    what i find baffling is the defense of someone posting a rather dubious screenshot of a "lab test" done in a totally virtually non existant lab when he could use a large array of perfectly legal certified labs
    the big picture here is that toxicology laboratories are prefectly legal, you can find them on google, they will have iso certification numbers you can check on etc. If your going to post a screenshot deeming a substance to be x, y or z use an accountable legitimate laboratory.
    You can anonimously send them controlled substances. You are not engaging in the distribution, manufacture or comerce of controlled substances when you send a controlled substance to a toxicology laboratory. The DA will not build a case against you, you will not be prosecuted for sending a vial of trembolone to a lab.
  5. Sdryx

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    You aren’t telling us ANYTHING we don’t already know dude...

    SIMEC is one of those certified labs you mention. So is Lab4tox. They cost double to triple what these underground analytical services cost... that’s why they aren’t used sometimes and these underground analytical services are.

    Also is the turnaround time. Send SIMEC or L4T a sample and they return the results MONTHS later. These analytical services on the forum have a much shorter turnaround time.

    Not really arguing with you because I agree that a true certified lab would provide more reliable results. But just wanted to inform you of why people use the UGL analytical services.
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    i understand and respect all the answers given, protonmail isnt that widley used. I thought it to be coincidential with the number of encrypted email hosts available that both this "lab.." and the source use @protonmail. couple that with with the fact that iso certified toxicology labs are not only legal but can opperate anonymously and you have generated a doubt. I take nothing on these forums at face value, specially when financial interests are at stake. I think in the interest of harm reduction it would be benefficial if anyone to post a substance test for it to be conducted by a certified lab (some have rather fast turnround times, and a mass spectomitry on a vial costs an avarage of 300 dollars) they send you a code that you can put into the webpage andyou can see the reosults there . Again my 2 cents and hope you all have a great day
  7. Sdryx

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    I haven’t created any doubt. It’s a fact that they don’t exist, regardless of legality.

    Post a link to one single US based analytical lab, with a website, stating that it accepts tren Ace, an illegal substance, for testing purposes...

    And are you familiar with Anabolic Lab? They are the gold standard of testing. See the people on this board with banners? They got them by donating to AL. AL utilizes only certified labs as well.

    Appreciate your concern, but you aren’t informing us of anything we don’t already know.
  8. cadafi

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    Now that you mention, anabolic lab shows old tests or they do test only ocasionally at a very slow pace or do people who donate get to see more frequent and recent tests??
  9. Sdryx

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    Their process is slower and funded by donations.

    People who donate do not get any extra perks from the website.

    It’s just slow, but reliable due to the process of how samples are submitted as well as the lab testers are all certified.
  10. cadafi

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    Yes but you know how all this industry of UGL works, one batch might be dosed correcly and a next one won´t, there is no pharmaceutical standards to fulfill, that is why seeing lab tests from several years ago even if it was a year old does not guarantee you are getting what the label claims.
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  11. When will Cardarin be in stock again.

  12. Capt Forest

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    Yes i also want to know when Cardarin will be back.
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    Hy, anyone knows how often pharmasource responds to email? I sent payment over 2 days ago and got no response, is it normal? Ty.
  14. cadafi

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    A while for sure, but he delivers in the end
  15. bickel29

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    You'll be fine, brother. It's the weekend now so you might not hear from him until Monday.

    If you haven't heard from him by then, hit him up. You'll be good though.
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    Daytime for you is midnight for him. I'm sure he gets alot of emails about questions and orders and takes awhile to go through. If you don't hear anything by Monday afternoon ask for an update
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    they've always responded within a day except on the weekends to me, you can tell when they're busy (due to discounts like this) when their mail replies get really short, haha.
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    Or it takes forever to get your stuff on the way lol.
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    I've received 4 packages so far, all within 3-4 business days
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    You must be in Europe...