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  1. marco11

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    I made an order on Monday last week and he did reply a few days later confirming he received and will provide tracking in a few more days. These guys are busy as fuck so just give it some time. I am in Europe and I still have to wait but they always deliver.
  2. Savagesteve

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    I know he always comes through. I’ve been using him since primus ray got up and running :D
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  3. Omegistosalex

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    Yeah never had any issue with them
  4. hunterbro

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    10 days and counting. no tracking. busy for sure
  5. Weights

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    I haven’t heard anything since Wednesday
  6. marco11

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    Good things come to those who wait lol
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  7. Zarioh

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    Do we get an updated pricelist soo?
  8. pharmasource

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    Was without internet connection last 3 days, Iam checking e-mails now
  9. Zarioh

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    Is the pharmasource examestane 25 mg good? any1 used it? Is it easy to split?
  10. shady

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    been using it for my cycles the last couple of years, works as intended as far as my admittedly far too rare estro checks tells me. super easy to split with a pill splitter which cost around a quid on ebay
  11. Zarioh

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    Thank you for answer! Its pretty low cost for nicely dosed examestan
  12. MiaRage22

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  13. elpasso

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    Did anyone here try both enurace and pharmastar ephedrine from this source?
    In my case, I can feel very well that enurace has zero effects on me (during cardio and breathing), contrary to his custom brand.
  14. pharmasource

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    Its not possible sir. Enurace is the best EPH pill what I had, compared to old turkish Arsan.
    No doubt about function of this product.
  15. Omegistosalex

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    Will you restock with enurace soon?
  16. SpaceForce

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    Is there a chance of PS ephedrine?

    Enurance is expensive compared to Canadian ephedrine.
    I can get 50 8mg tabs, equaling 400mg of ephedrine for $3.75

    Enurance: 50mg x 100 = 5000mg = $80

    Kaizen: 50 x 8mg = 400mg (per pack) x 13 packs = 5200mg
    13 * 3.75 = $48.75

    Enurance is almost 60% more expensive.

    Shipping from Canada is $1 more and takes longer, but the per mg price is far lower.
  17. gearwolf

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    I've used the highly regarded 8mg kaizen ephedrine hcl before and at the same dosage the enurance seem better both in mine and friends' experience, certainly legit stuff
  18. Walid Benslimane

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    When will tren E be back in stock?
  19. MiaRage22

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    Hey who are you using ephedrine in Canada? The site I was using stopped carring it. If you dont want to post it or you can you PM me? Thanks.