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  1. Sourtes22

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    For whoever is interested i tried pharmastar ephedrine and i believe it is good to go. It gave me the same side effects as injectable ephedrine. Had to stop it cause i get too edgy even on low doses.

    Does anyone have any experience (dosage, timing) on HGH doses for optimal fat loss? I am talking about higher doses 4IU +
  2. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    I’ve been running it fasted in the am before cardio but I’m only running 2iu.
  3. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    Ready, in stock in 1-2 weeks
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  4. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    1-2 weeks sir
  5. Zarioh

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    Is it you "new" line coming?
  6. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    Yes , colored tabs in color sachet
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  7. Zarioh

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    Awesome! Will you test any of the new products?
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  8. Jacob Jacob

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    @pharmasource any chance of stocking TEST Suspension? Thanks.
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  9. Jacob Jacob

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    What is it like to experience ephedrine? Is it like being on a caffeine fat burner? Are there withdrawls issues or can you discontinue without a problem? Thanks.
  10. SpaceForce

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    The Enurance ephedrine is definitely on par with any other ephedrine I've had. I'm just wondering if PS will be looking into making his own ephedrine and providing a lower-cost option.

    I don't like salbutamol, even small amounts make my muscles twitch. I'm not interested in clen or DMZ after what I've read about them. Ephedrine has worked well with me since the Stacker 2 days.
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  11. pharmasource

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    Fur sure in future
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  12. TNotch347

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    972F70BC-F51B-41A4-9749-98D7FCA586E6.jpeg Looking forward to these colored tabs. Lol. I have so much of your shit that if someone wanted to be a dick and dump my shit. (Which in my fuckin house could happen) I would totally be fucked. Very pleased your moving in this direction for what it’s worth. Here’s a little pic of some of the summer shred son!
  13. pharmasource

    pharmasource Member Supporter

    Some important news guys

    In near future will have this thread new ,,speaker,, Like I wrote, I am moving to new position - brewer , so my colleague will be here for you.

    Second new is full stock of Hilma Biocare products - injectables, orals, peptides. Start of selling in 1-2 weeks.

    Third, Pharmastar future oral products will be newly packed in colored zip locked sachets, heath sealed. All main kind of tablets will have different colours.

    Hope this future steps will lead to your satisfaction and trust, plus better quality of Pharmastar line of products.

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    why is there suddenly a picture of a cock hungry dude with underdeveloped pecs in my beloved pharmasource thread, please take the trash out
  15. Omegistosalex

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    Hey man sorry to ask again but i think you missed my question. Will you stock enurace again soon?
  16. TNotch347

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    Gearwolf you can suck a dick my man. Don’t talk trash about me. Wtf man
  17. Savagesteve

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    Let’s see your Olympia ready chest :D
    Ah cmon man it’d be like the mystery candy except you could either get a sick pump, crash your e2, or get random wood.
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    So basically 2 out of the 3 I’ll take. I’d take the gamble if it did happen. Lmao
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  19. @pharmasource when will Cardarine be back in stock.

  20. Maktub

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    What u running bother ?