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    Sent an email for an order
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    it is absurd that those who share laboratory reports, is considered shill ... honestly I have always appreciated the laboratory reports shared on the forum, and every time I thanked the sources or end users who shared it, but, if those who share the test reports starts to be considered shill, maybe it's better that end users don't share anything on the forum anymore ... also because analyzing the products is quite expensive, and it is very annoying, to be criticized for having shared a test.

    @cadafi in my opinion did a good and logic job, he bought aburahian test E from adnasan and ps , when he noticed the big difference between both (different oil color and different writing style) he sent both as blind sample to lab for testing) and both come back correctly dosed (difference was only 5/6 mg if I remember well) so he is the only one member who can be sure of what he says.

    @Savagesteve regarding verification code , never seen Pharma grade steroids with verification code, so it is Normal that there isn’t it on aburahian test E. only Balkan have upic code to check the authenticity but because balkan started his activity as ugl. in fact, the verification codes are a typicality of the ugl ...
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    Can anyone they use the Pfizer Pens tell me if the GH is good ?
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    You’re deflecting. You said another set of test on Meso Fr supported this test. Where is the link to that. For the second time.
  6. i believe i found it, but i'm not a member there, so i can't enlarge the thumbnail pic.

    Link is below. Maybe David #2 can get it?
    You'll have to ask him though, pretty sure he has me on ignore. :oops::D


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    David is a real cunt.
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  8. The first David was much more cordial.
    Maybe David #3 will top them both? Guess we'll see at some point here...
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    So many David’s. Where'd they go lol
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    Cheers MOFO
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    Will ask next David :-D
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    I suppose my tests are not considered relevant considering I had them done using products i purchased directly from you.

    I bet you never even saw my bloodwork posted in lab testing. Here let me remind you.

    And you guys mention the printing and color of oils but keep dodging the batch numbers expiration dates expiring at a later date than future batch numbers, what the fuck is wrong you you people? This is a huge red flag Uncle Z type of shit.

    Pharmasource test Bloodwork
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    I agree with the batch number deal, but like I said before if it was a different carrier then that COULD be a reason why, makes sense to me anyway. I’m not on anyone’s side here but I’m curious, what are you trying to get out of this? What answer are you looking for that you don’t know already, if you doubt it send it out for testing. Or pin that shit and pull blood. The only way you’ll get what you wanna know
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    I used his Galenika back in the days when he was carrying it and I agree it has been the best I ever used. Did blood work 3 times on 420mg a week to 500mg and always came back around 6000 testosterone level which is astonishing!!
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    It was the best no doubt. I wish he could still get it.
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    What about tablets?
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    thanks for posting Sudz, I was literally 2 weeks away from ordering a shit ton of these!

    first of all that is about as scrupulous and suspicious as you can get, I can understand why PS would want to defend them but the other members defending them? common really?!....and as far as them testing accurately that means nothing to me, it may very well be an lab out there with the right equipment (or horrible equipment judging by those pictures lol) making them with chinese powders they to will test positive for test enanthate, but the person buying these are buying them precisely because they don't want chinese test enanthate!....pharma test enanthate will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be better
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    Abruhaihan test e is the most common counterfeit
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    Are you serious?.......he's trying to tap into the market of people who would never touch UG lab gear and want to use only pharma grade that's why. I'm pretty sure it's a significantly large enough market....sorry i really don't mean sound sarcastic but the answer is to obvious... and as for his supplier shafting him, PS has an obligation to know the who, where and quality of his supply, not just him but every dealer out there or don't sell, that's how i see it.....
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    what do you mean he’s trying to tap into the market of people that don’t wanna go UG? He’s offered pharma products since he started here at meso and selling some fakes would not help his cause at all...
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