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  1. 350lift

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    Wow really. Ur more paranoid than me. Thinks he exit scams then thinks his stuff is dosed poorly?

    But relying on SST dogshit spartapharma?
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  2. 350lift

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    @Domino23 regardless you’re doing everyone a service by testing product. Thanks
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  3. bolder

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    If you haven’t already, get with Millard to change your handle to ‘rep’ status bro. That way it’s clear for everyone to see...
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    Thanks bud.
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    The tpp has turned my dick into a weapon.
  6. gunsrus

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    Lol, yeah in a fan of it as well...

    TPP, not your dick. ;)
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  7. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Just my opinion but a good rep wouldn’t Dick Shame! Theres probably nothing wrong with his dick so it should be at equal level with the TPP!
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    I love sales.
  9. gunsrus

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    You're right, I'm sure his dick is a marvel to behold. I would be blessed to lay eyes on it!
  10. TheObjective1

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    Adanan Turkish blah blah and a few doms.
  11. kriskringle

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    Got bloods for second cycle
    “TRT” at 75mg/day t400 subq
    4 hours after last inject

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  12. Joedaddy5150

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    Thats just my no ester and preworkout gear case bro. There is no such thing as too much gear ever. I keep enough gear to keep me and my crew jacked forever.
  13. Sayainproud

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    Anyone know if the buy 3 get 1 free os 3 of the same item or does it not matter . Thanks in advance!
  14. gunsrus

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    Pretty sure it is buy 3 of anything get 1 of equal or lesser value free.
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  15. Sayainproud

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    Appreciate you thank !
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  16. gunsrus

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    Sale starting today...

    Buy 3 get 1 free, oils and orals, mix and match, equal or lesser value.

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  17. When does the sale end?
  18. SpicyGains321

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    Any plans for tren base?
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  19. TheObjective1

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    Hey guys I have a a few questions. I'm going to hit him up on this sale.

    I decided to go with pristine over stanford. I like Stanford's winevar. So what doses should I run Anavar and winny together?
    Since they are 25mg caps. Would it be 50/ and 50. Also, how long?

    Other question has anyone ran his Mast E and or EQ recently? I am wanting to stock up on this sale.

    On his proviron and arom. 12.5 curious if it has kept you guys using it in check on E2. I have a adex script but I do not want to blow through it. Sorry for the lengthy notebook post. I just haven't been able to do any digging in the testing forum page. Ive only seen 1 maybe 2 bloods posted thus far. Thank you all!
  20. gunsrus

    gunsrus Pristine Anabolics Representative

    50/50 split doses with winnie and anavar is the most I will ever do in a day. I also wont run wi nie for more than 4 weeks and anavar for no more than 6 weeks. I was running pristines proviron at 100mg a day split and it was working great. SHBG dropped way low and free test jumped way up. I ran bloods at start/mid/end of this cycle.

    I use his aromasin as well. I take while on cycle 12.5mg EOD or E2D. I went from 90+ E2 down to 30 pretty quick. My E2 was jacked prior to starting last cycle. The Asin straightened it out.
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