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Yeah the inj sdrol gave retard strength but the lethargy was harsh for me.
Honestly oral superdrol is damn near impossible for me, somehow (and I know it still goes through the liver) injectable sdrol was way more manageable, and my mid-set endurance was better and I didn’t have any weird thyroid issues. And it significantly leaned me out and took the water out by about 2 weeks (which obviously came back after I discontinued)


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I lost someone pretty close to me last week and I honestly just didn't feel like posting anywhere about it. It was all I could do to get packs out. Got back in town yesterday and I am ready to roll again.

I went ahead and suckered a guy into repping for me here to fill in the frequent gaps in my posting. I will be posting more often moving forward, a lot of my time just got freed up, but I want a rep just to make sure things run more smoothly here.

@gunsrus has been kind enough to do this for me and from now on, any questions can be directed to either him, or me.

I am going to spend tomorrow in the lab getting ahead in inventory and then I will be running a buy 3 get 1 sale starting on Wednesday.

I am not going anywhere and I really appreciate the understanding from guys I've been exchanging emails and messages with.

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