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  1. DragonFlames

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    I just got my Protonmail account created today. Looks solid to me, although it does seem the best encryption they provide is from one Protonmail to another Protonmail. I think this is similar for a lot of the other "secure" emails out there as well. It also says it is free and always will be, with the exception of the option to upgrade for greater storage. It is based out of Switzerland.
  2. xupc

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    Ive been using protonmail for a while. It is amazing. I never had a single issue with it.
  3. Lifteasy

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    I'm on the wait list, been waiting about a week now.
  4. redrum720

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    Shit been waiting about a month still nada is good
  5. Matixx

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    I use to use but now im on proton and love it. Free but u have to wait a week or so.
  6. Waiting myself..
  7. jabrel3

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  8. Also waiting
  9. I third that, it's been a couple of weeks for me. I'm not expecting to get in anytime soon though
  10. defresh2k1

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    Why the long wait to gain access for use of this system?
  11. sin

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    Mine took about 3.5 weeks so shouldn't be too much longer now
    "Some of you have asked us why it is taking so long. When will I get my invite? As much as we would like to give ProtonMail to everyone, the reality is that we are not an established internet giant with server farms and thousands of engineers / support staff.
    Our focus on protecting our users’ privacy means we cannot use cloud services such as AWS even though that would be much easier. Instead, we must buy our own servers and install them in datacenters in Switzerland, which is a time consuming and costly process." This is why
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  12. Lifteasy

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    Man it's been over a month since I sent my application in..... WHY!!!! Haha I'm an impatient son of a bitch, that's not going to change :(
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  13. sin

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    Might check your spam folder, some people have found their invite there. Also, there has been accounts of aol users never receiving their invites for some odd reason, so if you used an aol email to sign up that could be the cause.
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    I don't know about entering My Email address for them to contact me(link me to the account)suggest:gmail, Yahoo, hotmail...Leave it up to some sneaky orgnization to tap a free "secure mail"site. ..Maybe i am too paranoid, but never got caught either. ..
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  15. Lifteasy

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    I'm checking right now!
  16. hotdog23

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    Dam joined the party too late. For anyone already set up - is it user friendly? Wanted counter mail but seemed very difficult to set up on iOS
  17. DragonFlames

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    Proton Mail seems very user-friendly to me.
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  18. redrum720

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    Im going on about a month now so I said fuck it and went with Tutanota same shit free encrypt emails you can also send with or without password works fine for me
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    Got mine. Anyone know how I can set it up on an Android email app?
  20. G.I. Bro

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    That won't work (defeats purpose of encryption), but they are developing an app.