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    Did a little research on Tutanota, and must say it's impressive. Immediate sign up with a free, or pd. version. Both companies appear to be close on the services they provide, but I do like the Android capability with Tutanota. With either, if your phone has been compromised it really doesn't matter either way.
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  3. Finally got approved today, fuck yeah:D
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  4. Just got mine..
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  5. Lifteasy

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    Yeah I just got approved too, took almost two months...
  6. Same here. But already in use and I think I like it.
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  7. MythotiK

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    Still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. johnnyBALLZ

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    Me too, like 5 months now.. :(
  9. Really?? I only waited like maybe 2
  10. Mine was two months.
  11. Flex14

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    Thanks for sharing this! Going to check it out!
  12. Transhuman

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    I got mine :)
  13. pumpingiron22

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    I love proton mail. I like that you can have a time limit on sent e-mails.
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    Resubmit under a new email JB. Shouldn't take longer than 1 - 1.5 months. You could also use Tutanota which is free, and instant.
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    It's funny, I just did this a couple hours ago! Never noticed I didn't get a confirmation email the first time, weird. Hopefully I'll be good soon now.
  16. pumpingiron22

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    It might be awhile JB there is a wait list. I signed up and didn't get my account till 3 months later. Hopefully that's not the case any more.
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  17. OdieM

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    Yeah been waiting a month now.
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    I signed up with proton mail when it first came out. Had to wait a while to get in. I don't use it for AAS stuff.
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    Took about 4 weeks. Set up was easy and began using it without problems, except I can send and receive shazzlemail but it will not allow the contents of the message to be opened. I may be doing something wrong, but I have received emails from several other providers without any problems.
  20. OdieM

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    Just set mine up. Looks good. I like it better then counter