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    Is there any meaning to your post?
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    No she is just here to trash up our board apparently. It's getting really annoying. She should either be here to learn or contribute or she should move on to another board.
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  3. I think poor Alex has severe ADHD , She does really good for a while then relapses back into mischief and self-loathing . Low self-esteem . I was that way and partially grew out of it but it took alot of lessons learned (and rehabilitation)
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    How can we trust this. The best info for our government to know is the stuff we want to hide. The government's media is giving it great reviews! Id rather hide out in the open where they are not looking. I'm on the fence here. When I saw our media giving it grand reviews that scared me.
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    Okay okay! I might try it. Just don't want the government looking at my naked selfies. o_O
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    I don't use for anything that may incriminate me.
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    Totally agree and I'd be wary about any new secure email service that pops up. Better for it to be battle-proven and time-tested before I would consider entrusting sensitive communications to such a service. Too many backdoors and LE snoopers to make any secure email service trustworthy.
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