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    agreed. I know guys that hate enanthate while others love it. Same batch, same everything. Everyone loves cyp though.

    I haven't once recieved raws from panda that I can say were bunk but I will say that some Anavar raws I got have had mixed reviews. I have not had them tested by a real lab but labmax said it was var, but I'm not 100% on labmax in general. I will also say that the reviews I received were from people on multiple compounds so who knows, vqr can get lost in a big stack maybe?
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    Yah dude it's very hard to judge any compound even person to person and that's if the person is running one item by itself. Remember people respond differently to gear and have different reactions. Something that's godly for one will be ineffectual for another. Now you mix all that in a stack? Yah that's a complete wash at that point.

    Barring the ability to test the compound, the Best next option in my opinion is having a good baseline with the compound previously, then using the new gear while maintaining the same training and diet as before and comparing the two. Still not a great comparison tool but better than asking bros.
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    I can say, at least in my case, it's not just me. I have myself and 4 buddies running the test e, and last 2 batches I've made we've all experienced the same pip. All other compounds being ran were also made by me, with no problems to report. Maybe I just got unlucky. Either way from here on out sticking with cyp as every time I've brewed it, it has come out smooth AF.
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    this source just fuckin dead now huh
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    Has happened to tons of people. Not just PPL either. Some chinese batch with an issue I guess. No idea what it is. Enanthate typically has just as much PIP as cypionate which is virtually none. Bad batch of enanthate but just as easily could be a bad batch of cypionate. Avoid enanthate for now until this stuff clears maybe but cyp is less flexible in brewing. I notice zero difference between the two in effectiveness.
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    I’m wondering what will happen to PPL now that Monkey King has gone public.
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    its just rebranding for all those who heard ill about ppl

    its a shame to this source wasnt bad aside from mistakes, hope international is decent still
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  8. T-Bagger

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    It’s a little more. He said in his post over at BOP that he wants out from the deal he has with his PPL business partner.
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  9. Mathg44

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    What happened with PPL and who's Monkey King?
  10. T-Bagger

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    Monkey King Anabolics is Panda’s new venture ofnhisnown apparently, with native English speaking customer service. Nothing has happened with PPL as far as I know.
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    While is the original ppl that started here on meso?
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  13. ickyrica

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    Fucking auto correct

    Who is the original panda from the start of the ppl thread? Current panda or monkey king? I missed the part where MK was a split from panda, always though MK was the same guy
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    Apparently 2 friends started Purple panda. So one left to start monkey king to make more money I guess idk
  15. ickyrica

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    I get that, just wanted to know who went where out of the two.
  16. ickyrica

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    Basically, is swole panda still panda or is he MK now?
  17. Cyrix

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    I thought this was established already that it's one and the same. But at this point who cares?
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  18. Mathg44

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    is it still safe to order from PPL? Used to love their stuff, but haven't ordered in a while
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    PurplePandaLabs.com scammed me out of $250 worth of raws. Becareful.
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    Oh yeah? Please explain clit boy