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    My general opinion is that taking an hormone as a PWO is pretty overkill unless you’re going for a competition or something like that. You’re already on the top of your performance while on cycle, taking an hormonal pwo isn’t worth the risk.

    I don’t have that much experience, I tried Mtren and halo, the former was insanely impacting on my body at 360 degrees, the latter is what I’d say is the best PWO drug for aggression and strength without the ton of sides of mtren, but still having more sides than you may desire.
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    Fuck, I don't think I'd be able to tolerate any PWO then. I am extremely sensitive to sides, I can't even take dbol without feeling like utter shit. I recently tried TNE and I definitely felt aggression but not strength gains and the sides were annoying,I wanted to skullfuck anything with a pulse and not in a good way.

    I'm definitely going to try Anavar and Anadrol though.
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    I've made 3 orders with PPL. My first one was Anavar 50mg in tabs. Shipping only took a week. Results where alright but nothing shocking did a reagent test and had the correct result for anavar.

    Next order was winstrol and primo as I was looking for something stronger, shipping was taking over a month because of shipping changes at the time but after sending PPL an email they shipped a second order for me so ended up getting twice the amount I ordered. I took winstrol at 25mg a day and 25mg of primo for 4 weeks but it fucked my hair up so had to stop. Overall I've had a good experience with them, stealth is good although I wonder if steroids get checked on the UK border.
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    For my third order, I bought raws: Anavar and ostarine. Paid by WU order arrived in 3 days. Mixed the raw powder with creatine at 60mg anavar a day with trt gained 6kg in 6 weeks probably 2.5kg of that is water weight caused by creatine and anavar but it's not that bad, no side effects, even had some regrowth for my hairline. Stealth was a bit too much this time took me like 10min to take it apart fully. For my next order I'm planning to get rad140 use it at 15mg a day for 10 weeks can't get anything else because of my hair.
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    I like banging 5mg mtren pwo on chest day and shoulder day. Strength gains through the roof on that shit
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    5mg MTREN? Do you mean .5mg?
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    Nope Sasquatch had 5mg injectable mtren and I stocked up on it
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    You have to hate yourself
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    Actually I love myself. Don’t knock it until you try it bro. 1cc of that shit really sets it off
  11. Both are DHT derivatives. Hair loss was bound to happen.
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    I felt better than great on 1mg, oral though. Injectable is in the works
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    1mg of mtren again today, deads. Went for a decently heavy double but went ham with a low weight amrap to finish up. Would still recommend 10 out of 10 times lol
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    Can anyone comment on their experience with the 100ml semifinished injects?
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    Yes they are
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    So - first go around, you just took 50mg anavar? I've taken 100mg for 10 weeks by itself couple years ago and results were amazing. Although the anavar was from a different supplier. doesnt seem like 25mg of winny and 25mg primo a day would do much anyways unless you are a woman.
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    What carrier oil are using? I've brewed some with MCT that I got about a year ago. Some ppl that tried it got bad PIP while others not so much. I'm starting to think that it's very subjective.
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    I’ve been on nebido 1g every 8 weeks for about 14 months, before that I was on every 10 weeks and 12 week. Before each injection they take my bloods and my test is usually around 650ng/dl thats why I have been thinking that taking orals by themselves is fine because of that test base. Yeah just took the anavar 50mg a day for 8 weeks a year ago but my diet and training was subpar.
    Win and primo gave me better results than the anavar tbh in terms of making me look lean. My hairline receded about 1.5cm around the temples in four weeks so I don’t even want to think about what would happen if I took 75-100mg of winstrol a day and before that I've never lost any hair. I used to be 45kg when I was 18 at 175cm now I’m 24 78kg at 178cm and 13% bf, I’m not expecting to blow up just want to get to 82-84kg at 10% bf.
    10 weeks at 100mg is a lot compared to 50mg for 8 weeks or 60mg for 6 weeks for me, I was getting liver pain when I tried taking 80mg once and that was split between morning and evening.
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    I used grapeseed oil. Same oil I use with all compounds I brew. Everything else came out fine it's just the test e
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    I ordered from PPL a couple of months ago and the raws seemed legit.

    Are they still good regardless of all the drama?

    Would appreciate a promo code too if there's any.