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  1. SmallWoody

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    I always get pip for the first week on whatever im doing when I start again. After that it stops. I guess everyone's different. I usually take some amoxicilin up to when I inject and for a couple days after the pin. I'm weird idk but never had any bad experiences
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  2. TideGear

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    Thanks for your input but that's not exactly the answer I'm looking for.
  3. SmallWoody

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    Longest I've had gear sit would be roughly 14 months give or take. But yes, I do get pip but it's always when I start the cycle for the first week. I know everyone's different.. Maybe the stoppers get eatin up a little bit and that's what you experiance
  4. ickyrica

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    yes, specifically test e. 250mg/ml (10% over) in mct. I have a bunch of different brews and the only one that's gone south was the test e. Kinda a frigging shame.
  5. TideGear

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    That's the exact one I'm having an issue with. Fuck
  6. ickyrica

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    You getting random severe pip with no hotness to it?
  7. TideGear

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    Not me. A friend
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  8. ickyrica

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    It's like our test is related. Panda raws from like a year and a half ago?

    Drum roll....
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  9. TideGear

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    Less than a year. It was fine forever though. Another buddy of mine said the sustanon 250 got that way too
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  10. Not here to rag on PPL. i just thought this was cute. :D

  11. eje1990

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    That shit FUCKED me up. The recent batch I got is good though.
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  12. ickyrica

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    Funny how it's so "easy" to brew but causes so many issues. Cyp 4 lyfe
  13. Iron Vett

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    I haven’t touched test e in years. I’ve never had any hurt me but I figured why chance it when I can just use test cyp and not have any troubles at all
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  14. bolder

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    Well fuck me! All this cyp over E talk makes me want to brew up some cyp. I’ve always like E and I’ve ran into problems here and there with it.
    I’m an amateur at brewing but since I’ve dabbled with the king (testosterone) it’s made me able to try out different compounds easier. I don’t have to worry about ordering test when I have my own. So opens the door to try different compounds for me...
    Since I’m posting in this thread I may as well mention my last test E brew from here @300mg/ml in Mct was a success. (Old order) A few friends and myself have had great results with it. It did seem that a common occurrence was that at times it had pip and other times it didn’t? Same brew... I thought that was kinda weird. I could pin my glute and have zero pip one time and the next time it would knot up just a little and have a little pip. Nothing unbearable, but still kinda weird lol. I still have a bunch left so hopefully storing it (already brewed) doesn’t somehow make it more prone to pip in the future??
  15. ickyrica

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    Made up some liquid mtren for a dude I know, obviously had to make some for myself. Going to let the superdrol clear out of my system and I'll give the mtren a go for a week or two.

    I got 4 grams, this shit is going to last for a minute
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  16. TideGear

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    Done with sdrol already? What happened?
  17. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    Ran 2 weeks of it, kind of want to stop and see if my head clears up. I've been cunty and the timing is spot on with starting sdrol.
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  18. Iron Frenchie

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  19. Holidaypay

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    Yup same powder year later hurts like a bitch tried mct an gso bolth hurt GTA be the raws
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  20. wantsomemore

    wantsomemore Member

    Currently running PPL raws test e (250mg/ml) brewed in GSO from a year ago. No PIP whatsoever.
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