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    It looks florescent in the picture just by looking at the thumbnail
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    Bought a little over a year ago international

    this is what the pills look like

    and here’s another pic of the fluid I dumped it out onto my counter to make sure there is absolutely no fluorescent shine

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    Labmax is known to be flawed and a very poor tool. Not trying to stick up for the source but do you have any testing done to confirm Labmax’s poor track record when it comes to validity?

    I would encourage you to get it tested as not too many people place faith in the faulty Labmax which has been shown to have errors over and over again.
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    I'll be sure to get a test and test mine as well. That's crazy!
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    where would you recommend that I send it, and about how much would it cost?

    i was not aware that labmax was known to be faulty, they seemed legitimate to me
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    I agree with @Sdryx here man. I wouldn’t toss away a $500 order on Labmax results.
    Check out the lab testing forum bro. There’s a few options to choose from to have your shit tested.
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    NOT defending, just stating, I've labmaxed the var raws, they tested correctly and performed as var should
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    Send it to jano its cheap...
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    So I recently got in some raws as I wanted to have control over what I got/dosage/etc. Being skeptical I bought a bunch of labmax tests. For what it's worth everything seemed to test ok, even though I have an ongoing problem with PPL(related to the domestic nonsense.)

    So the good news is I (just now as I saw this thread) tested my var raws using the labmax "advanced" test that tests for purity as well(maybe stupid for raws but whatever.) It is not the standard A/B test but a one vial to test for var or dbol(edit:winstrol) and another for purity. The var is brown in daylight but green under UV which means its good to go. The purity test isnt fully settled so I didn't do that.

    A few days earlier I tested my primo and tbol(A/B tests) and both of those tested ok as well.

    2 weeks ago I tested my test-e(the only thing I brewed thus far) and it seemed to be closer to test-c with the A/B labmax test. With that said the raw came in the form of a hard rock, which I don't think test-c can do(someone here has to know if that is true or not.)

    I got several more raws but at least on my end it seems the most faked of the raws(var, tbol, primo) seem to be good.
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    For what it's worth I've seen PPL Labmax appear to be wrong substance and eventually proven right. Guy has had some issues (happens in legit enterprises that are well run too) and a buddy of mine got a bad batch of tren a (heavily base - turned to sludge ruining beaker at 100mg 18/2) but never once seen him screw anyone.

    I'd question the labmax far before or potentially something mislabeled as worst case from what I've seen. No dog in this and I've seen issues myself but just saying. He will also attempt to make it right if it is wrong so may want to reach out to him directly.
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    If labmax and other variations of at home testing like roidtest were accurate, the demand for hpcl/mass spec testing and blood work would be non existent. These at home tests are a complete waste of money.
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    Hplc**, I had just woken up..
  13. question gentlemen. I ordered from PP domestic a couple years ago and still have some of the gear. My issue is that several of my bottles of tren are from different batches/cooks and I dunno if it's safe. Hopefully this pic works. One is light colored and the other is beyond maroon.

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  14. Better check that shit for floaters if it came from Elite's sorry ass brewing skillz.
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    That Tren E on the right looks terrible. At least compared to the stuff I’ve ran. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s not normal for it to be so dark is it?
  16. both these bottles are PP finished domestic tren 200. I just wanna know if it's safe to shoot it. it looks like grape juice lmao

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    The stuff on the left is probably alright. I wouldn’t use the grape juice.
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    But also, I can’t tell, but it looks like the dark color might just be the bottle itself. Maybe pull some out in a syringe and take a look.
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    Looks like MSG Labs test prop :D
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