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    That sounds like a bitch. Bursitis is no joke,I got a bursa on my knee that got infected and almost lost my dam leg!
  2. Strongwords

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    Anyone know if bpc-157 from ppl is g2g?
  3. master.on

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    Can surgery correct that?
  4. Bc033103

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  5. Anyone recently used domestic MT2 ? Last go with it for me was (summer 18). Really don’t trust any of the dot com peptide sites
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    When 24k was retiring and was having a "going out of business" sale he was selling black tren. It's been seen before. I've never had the good fortune of producing such tren so i couldn't say why it was. Looks "fire" to me, though.
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    Ok so I have gotten mixed answers what should I take while cycling test only 600mg a week I already started and just wanted to know if I needed to take anything with it some say yes some say no of course I know I need to pct
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    For our sake, you also need to take cyanide.
  9. wrkhardplyhard

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    Lol ok I'm on it
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    You should of read and researched more before you jumped on. Better hope you don’t grow a nice set of tits.
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    Well that is why I'm asking I have clomid but alot of people told me don't take it I have no signs of gyno so I'm just wondering if I should just take it or if I should wait for signs
  12. B Ware

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    Wow! I hope you meant nolva (tamoxifen). You also need an ai such as adex (anastrozole).

    You are uneducated and completely unprepared.
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  14. wrkhardplyhard

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    I'm not going to disagree but that's why I'm asking to get educated
  15. wrkhardplyhard

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    I have everything I need I just don't know how to take it or when to take it I don't know what it does none of that all I know is I'm trying to get swole and not fuck my body up while doing it
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    Go read the wiki.

    You know, the /r/steroids one.
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    I second gracie... go read the r/steroids wiki. spend the time to do it now or you will turn into a big, fat, bald water buffalo with giant set of hairy tits and you will hate yourself for not heading our warning. You don't know what you are doing pal.
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    Does it have to be domestic?
    Lovemelanotan.org did not fail one bit, it's uk based though
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    Anyone getting in Contact ppl or the rep?
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    100usd shipping fees though...