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    trest a ,we only have 2 vials right now , you order 3, could you change to something else or we just refund you one vial trest a

    Best regards"

    Fuck. What do I do?
  2. Might as well give it a shot. Felt like I got kicked in the stomach every single time I took ppl’s lol. Thank you
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    I know what a motherfucker, huh? They just ruined my next blast and they could give a fuck.
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    No prob oh hey and if you want the mt2 nasal spray try jellybean tanning
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    any black friday promo going on? Also can anyone confirm PPL bpc-157 / tb-500 is effective? I've used about 10-20 vials of each and my injuries don't really seem better, but it might injuries might be chronic so I can't really tell, just wondering if anyone else has success?
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    Does not seem like you did. What matters if anyone emse did, if you didnt?
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    Replied to your messages brother.
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    Jesus these guys are so garbage, I'm just hoping I get my order and then I'm staying away.
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    PPL your stealth vials are cheap as fuck. Used a 21 g drawing needle and it broke the rubber stopper!! Now I have a big hole in my vial. Probably just gonna refilter it and put it in a better vial. I mean I guess you get what you pay for..
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    has anyone had any issues with the test c?
    Shot 500 mg Of test and 250 mg of deca Saturday and wed night, then took blood test Friday morning. Shot another 500 mg of test and 250 mg of deca sunday night and took second blood test yesterday and it was in the 1400s. The first one scored 1509.
    Been at 1g test cyp and 500mg of deca for 5 weeks.
    this is homebrew from ppl raws (not my first brew).

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    If you have been on 1 gram a week for 5 weeks. Those are horrible. Send it in for testing. You should be 6-9000
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    Are your labs capped. Sometimes it wont go above 1500. Sometimes even a weird number at 1490.
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    Purple panda when was the last time your test cyp was tested?
  15. I am pretty sure that was a capped test. To hit 1500 exactly confirms it. Most capped test stop at that level (1500).
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    He got 1509
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    His test hit 1509 though.

    Not saying that it’s not possible, but all of the capped tests I’ve taken read out something along the lines of ‘>1500’ as the result when the test levels are read as being above 1500.
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  18. ahhhh you are right! A little hard to see but yeah 1509 hmm. Yeah maybe get that shit tested man. At a gram you should be around be a lot higher bro.
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    Woah Mk677 raws have doubled in price? What's happening there
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    Thats what im trying to decide right now. should i go get bloods pulled somewhere else or should i send in a sample to be tested...
    anyone with ppl whats the protocol with these type of issues?