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  1. TideGear

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    That much test and tren doesn't make you shed?
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  2. My hairs started to recede since going higher on test, seems to be going to every other part of my body haha. Shit happens, when it gets too bad, chrome done for this guy, with a big beard so the wife has something to still pull during the nasty
  3. superbane

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    Favorite cycle has been
    70mg Test, tren, Mast ea daily
    100mg primo daily

    Second favorite was
    75mg Tren Daily
    100mg Test daily
    100mg Mast Daily
  4. Clamslaps

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    Miiiildly. I still have a head full of hair a decade into cycling.
  5. PandaRep

    PandaRep Purple Panda Labs Rep

    How did that primo treat you?
    Primo and tren, that's exactly a cycle I thought about.
  6. superbane

    superbane Member

    some minimal shedding clearly because of the primo + mast but nothing crazy. (Genetics)
    It’s a good cycle for me because I convert to E2 so easily so it offsets the test fairly well.
    Used caber at the usual dose.
    I was looking mean big and solid AF.
    It looks like a cutting cycle on paper but I’d be lying if I was not lean bulking heavy.
    I was slowly becoming leaner and adding mass. Looking very intimidating to the regular gym rats and the damn boogeyman to a regular joe.

    I don’t like Tren with low test makes me feel like shit.
    Only sides I get are heartburn and shortness of breath an appetite that sounds like the way people describe EQ!
    And I’m always hot.
    Sex drive is awesome.

    that same cycle plus HGH at 3iu plus Var/ Drol in and out + a prep coach and I swear I’d hit that next level .... maybe one day

    lol hope that answers what you were wondering.
    The primo is just extra for me. I’d get busy on the tri blend at 700mg ea / wk
    If they open these gyms up I’ll blast that hard immediately
  7. PandaRep

    PandaRep Purple Panda Labs Rep

    My gyms are open. I added a little bit of tren, 200mg per week to help get of the shitty covid depression diet fat and get back to pre quarantine strength. I've got some primo, just on the fence about running it or how. Hair loss isn't an issue, it's GONE
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  8. Thegreek

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    600 primo
    450 NPP
    300 TPP
    That was my favorite. I think I ran that for about 14 weeks. Might have had var in there as a PWO. Can’t remember.
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  9. Kingkersis88

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    Anyone know of a t.a to new jersey? Or the east coast. I really wanna order a nice size order but i dont wanna wait 2 months. I have a small order from the 2nd of last month im waiting on. Anyone have any idea. I know its a retarted question because no one probably knows but anyone got a package to the east coast lately?
  10. PandaRep

    PandaRep Purple Panda Labs Rep

    3 weeks. Ish. But you've gotta use the secret code word.
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  11. heroxyouxhate

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    Anyone know if Turkish Pharma shipping is still fast? Used to be within 3 days or so.
  12. jJjburton

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    Best cycle is the one where the gyms open!!!!

    Running doses of aas with no gym sucks. Cruising now.
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  13. kangacamel

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    Test e raws landed in aus 8 weeks later, thank fuck, thanks ppl, hopefully i have a good experience with this batch
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  14. Nela

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    What was wrong with the last batch?
  15. kangacamel

    kangacamel Member

    Discrepancy, wont go into it
  16. Nela

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    Oh well least it's landed!
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  17. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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  18. little

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    New membership at the most hardcore gym in town, gains commence.

    2021 stage presence will be outrageous
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  19. Lucky fuck, Good to hear tho!
  20. kangacamel

    kangacamel Member

    Never had test e brew at 250 and go cloudy the day after

    Anyone know the reason? 2ba 20bb mct oil