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  1. Elistheman

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    Could be drops of water in the oil, how did you brew? Any chance of water in the beaker??
  2. FR0Z3N_B0MB34

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    I remember someone said that to take out moisture from a vial you could place in oven at maybe 120 C if you can be sure it wont ruin your AAS , putting of course a needle on rubber stopper to bring the vapor out.. i did a similar process to bring into solution a crashed one.. think @XKawN wrote that “
    15min in the oven at 100 C for 60min”

    dont remember how exactly should be done for moisture issue
  3. Carter79

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    How did you heat it??
  4. Clamslaps

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    Crystallized or cloudy?
  5. Thegreek

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    @purplepandalabs Just wanted to share some blood work with you guys. Pandas test cyp brewed at a touch over 200mg/ml. I’ve been running 100mgs every 5 days. No AI. Rest of the report was okay. Nothing alarming. Slightly high in a few things but it’s because of this whole bullshit covid thing has me not giving a shit and eating like crap.

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  6. I always to 18 and 1 other than those discrepancies I don’t know
  7. kangacamel

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    Maybe but ive always brewed the same way
  8. kangacamel

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    Same way as always, boiling oil with beaker sitting in it
  9. kangacamel

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    Cloudy, comes clear after heating but soon returns somewhat cloudy, needs higher temp maybe?
  10. ickyrica

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    moisture most likely, older mct by chance? I feel like having fresh mct makes a big difference with what I've seen first hand. So it could be that.

    ty. Do you have baseline bloods? I never got mine, unfortunately. I know I was low though. In or out of range I can't say, but low. I'm at 125 e7d and everything has leveled out perfectly. High 600s generally and feel great.
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  11. kangacamel

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    Brand new!
    It is cold.here atm tho in aus!
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    Havent logged in in a while, Purple Panda site is looking great and prices are back to normal! Ive got a lot of reading to do on previous pages i guess, but if anyone can fill me in on new developments?
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    In a nutshell?
    Shipping is slow.
    That is all.
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    Sounds like water
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  15. [QUOTE = "PandaRep, post: 2626838, membro: 113421"] 3 semanas. Ish. Mas você precisa usar a palavra-chave secreta. [/ QUOTE]
    Olá panda, um ex-vendedor de ponto de referência me ligou no whatsapp com o nome billy selling ppl, com preços um pouco melhores do que o site em que posso confiar?
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    Just heat then?
  17. PandaRep

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    Yeah see if you can heat it out at this point not a smart idea but better than nlthing
  19. kangacamel

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    Any downside pinning slightly cloudy gear from moisture?

    Also whats rates of gh landing in aus ?
  20. Clamslaps

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    Put a big gauge needle in the vial so moisture can escape, heat the vial to about 50C° for an hour. Moisture should leave.
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