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    Doing well my friend hope all is good with u. You explained it very well. From my understanding that’s exactly what happens. Anything over a certain amount per injection basically gets turned into bile essentially wasting it. I’ve read anywhere from 175-225 should be max per injection. Which leads to less shit for your body to freak out over and causing unwanted high bp,acne,a rise in hematocrit, mood swings ect...and I’m sure many other things. Allegedly also keeping your levels at peak all the time.

    Now don’t anyone flame me im no expert this is what I’ve read. So it was interesting to me so I tried it and loved it. As I said early I literally had zero sides and good bloods doing this. I never felt edgy or had mood swings like I have before and flip out for no reason. I was literally on a great mood all the time. I recommend it to anyone willing to try it. Unfortunately most people scoff at pinning
    M-F so many never will.
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    Basically this...
    1g of test split M-F
    1g of primo split M-F
    500 npp split M-F
    500 Mast P split M-F
    Front load test prop 500 a week for about
    4 -5 weeks also split M-F
    Proviron 25mg am/pm
    hope that makes sense.
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    so an EOD schedule like mine is more about Microdosing than that?
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    All he is saying is he feels better when he uses daily, at smaller doses. His body utilizes the drugs in a more efficient manner allowing him to live a better life.

    Imagine if we took our diet and staggered it so we only ate two days a week. We would be eating such large quantities to compensate for the days without food. So, we eat smaller amounts daily. Crushing 20k calories in a day is a waste of calories (your body can't process all that food correctly, it'll just shit it out. As well as the effort to use or push out all of that substance has to be a nightmare for our bodies).

    Crude analogy but it works in my head.

    And fwiw don't trust @HIGHRISK he drives around his neighborhood in a golf cart, nude. Can't trust guys like that.
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    yeah man but i read 1g and 500mg split M-F .. i tought M F stands for Monday Friday.. so there are 500mg and 250mg injection.. cannot see where the microdosing is... i m right now at 25mg ED of Test P and tren A plus 250mg EW of Test E... 25mg vs 250mg and 500mg.. if 500mg is Microdosing , mine 25mg how s called? Injecting 10 molecules at time dosing? Ahah..

    But maybe i didn understand properly.. so excuse me if i m missing something
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    It’s Monday through Friday. So it would be 200mgs a day for 5 days straight.
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    I've misinterpreted stuff that way before.

    @Thegreek is spot on. It's five doses per week essentially. What's happening is hormone fluctuations are highly minimized allowing for the body to find a balance. Try it. If it works out you will probably use less ancillaries (cuz who the hell wants to take more chemicals than needed?) and have less sides.

    I fear the scar tissue personally
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    Damn bruh I said “DO not share this pic “ when I sent it :eek:
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    Edit: I just seen @Thegreek already answered.
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    Whoah! I was just about to checkout on my order. And While waiting for my crypto to transfer - the shipping fee on PPL to Canada jumped from $90 to over $5000.

    Is this a mistake (glitch in your shopping cart)?

    Or should I just not plan on ordering?

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    @PandaRep can you help out the post above
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    All sorted now.
    Thanks for the fast follow up PPL support!

    FYI... It was a last minute change I added to order that triggered it. So... If you are in Canada - don't add Turkish Pharma products to your order - unless you like $5k shipping fees. ;-)

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    thanks man... i ll try absolutely..

    Anyway.. yesterday i was in a hurry and took 30mg of Raw Dapoxetine from PPL directly out of the scale without capping it.. i highly suggest to dont try it because its not like tadalafil (cialis) or Oxandrolone Stanazolol etc... it fucked up my tongue for maybe 5 hours and it has such a poisoneous taste that I ve seriously tought PPL mistakenly sent me some deadly poison and i would have died shitting and vomiting blood on myself... anyway.. Dapoxetine 30mg and Cialis 40mg made me breakin in half the chick i banged yesterday.. Sometime Dapoxetine (even pharma grade bought personally in pharmacy) with Cialis 20/40mg gave me a terrible headache... this time maybe the tongue shock protected me from headache
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    Hahha. I also took it directly without capping. I though that im going pass out.
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    Dude I did the same thing and actually ended up vomiting not too long after. I didn't get the tongue numbness but I might have kicked it back far enough to avoid. Only used it the one time so now I have this stupid like 5g jar of the stuff but man was that fucked. Personally I decided I wouldn't mess with a legit SSRI again like that. Terribleeeeeee
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    cialis makes me last nicely... but if i wanna do something epochal that s made of sentences like “please stop” and “tell me please stop my lord” “tell me forgive me my lord” , i need a little bit of dapoxetine...

    Maybe you should try capping it at 15mg and take a mild antiemetic like Domperidone..

    Anyway... i hope PPL store continues increasing and re bring these 6 or more pages of raws
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  19. Gimme those "old" times where you could get PPL's adrenaline.
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    I'd like to brew some oil based wins, do you know a good recipe?

    @PandaRep is it better the normal one or the micro powder for oil based?