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  1. A few years ago I ran oral and transdermal trest (separately) at around 50-75mg a day and put about 10-15 lbs on it each time. A lot of it was water however. I didn't run anything else and only ran for 6 weeks each time. I would guess if the stuff is good IM at 30mg would be great.
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    I always wanted to try ment and have been doing some reading on it. But if all it does is put on 10-15lbs over 30 days I can do that easily with other cheaper compounds. Just trying to make sense of the price of the stuff. Other guys praise the stuff and then others say they made gains and then lost them as soon as they came off. Trying to figure out the best most cost effective way to try this compound. And then keep most of my gains as well.
  3. Like I said it was oral and transdermal, w/o anything else added. I would think you would get a much better outcome using trest IM.
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    Isn't that why the protocol is to store vials in a cool/dark place standing up?
    I have some vials 1-2 years old, no issues with at all pulling at 20g for draw.
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    @PurplePandaLabs Rep. any reason you chose ment e over ace? Besides pinning less freaquenty. And I’m guessing brewing your own would be the most cost effective. Pretty sure that’s what @Holistic is doing.
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    Yeah just because of less pinning and it's a new product and I've already been running sust so I figured it would be a easy transition.
    Oh and it was compd.
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    Brew it that's the cheapest way to run it.
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    How much are u running a week?
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    WTF. I ordered from PurplePanda, and I received my package today. Upon opening my package, I discovered the order was completely wrong. The order was supposed to be for

    The following item(s) had been shipped.
    Item Price Quantity Total
    [​IMG] tadalafil(cialis, CLS) - 20mg x 100 tabs - International shipping US$50.0 2 US$100.0
    [​IMG] Dianabol (DB) - 25mg*100 Tablets - International shipping US$40.0 1 US$40.0
    [​IMG] clomid (CLO) - 50mg x 20 Capsules - International shipping US$30.0 1 US$30.0


    This is pretty unacceptable and I want a full refund.
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    You are an idiot
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    You are aware its stealth packing? I hope you are being facetious, if not..........well......sad.
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    You dumb mother fucker. Leave. Leave forever you fucking retard. You aren't getting a refund you dumb fucking cunt.

    I'll tell you what I bet purplepanda wants to tell you. PM him he'll help you.

    Now edit your post retard. Or completely delete it. You got what you paid for. Jesus christ.

    Also. Cyrix and prada, maybe edit your quote to remove what he actually got.
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  13. I'e been really interested in trest. Keep us updated on what you think if you don't mind. Have you ran trest before? I definitely need to do some more research on it. I should have plenty of time though. I fell about 15ft off a ladder yesterday and compound fractured my t11 vertebrae. First thing I hit was a ladder rung straight across my back at the t11.

    @PurplePandaLabs Rep. Any hope of carrying trest raws domestic in the future?
  14. Are you fucking stupid?
    Delete that post and PM the rep!
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    Delete your post you dumb cunt. You're running out of time to be able to.
  16. The three of you should edit your quotes to remove what that fucking imbecile posted.
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    Look at my post again. It is edited to remove it.

    (I just went and removed some more. Guess it doesn't hurt.)
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  18. Smart move. i just saw the quoted message with "click to expand" and figured it was the full message.

    Wanted to make sure my post got out with plenty of time for everyone to edit.

    i reported that morons post to the boss man.
    If he was stupid enough to post stealth, he's probably too stupid to delete his own post. i would hope not, but here we are. :mad:
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    LOL, You guys man
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    LOL, You guys man. Im a rookie when it comes to using these sources fuckers. Dont be a fucking dick about it