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  1. Yeah, so funny.
    You got your reup, off you go for another year or two.

    Thanks for your many, many contributions.
  2. BigFNFrank

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  3. Master Baiter

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    BigFNFrank is a Big f'n retard.

    Hopefully you can figure out how to pin common sense you dumb shit.
  4. ForeverSmall

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    • Got my international pack. Less than 2 weeks for raws. I was smart enough to figure out how the packaging works...youd have to be pretty retarded to not figure it out.
  5. BigFNFrank

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    Yea im retarded. Please explain fellas. I appreciate it
  6. BigFNFrank

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    LMAO. Internet tough guys. LOL. I love it
  7. ScabbyJr

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    Don't be a dick? Do you understand what's at stake here you fucking moron?
  8. BigFNFrank

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    I deleted the fucking post. Just drop it.
  9. RobertL

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    Bust open the shit you got in the mail. Your shit is in there.

    Also, you didn't delete your post. It was too late. This isn't about being an internet tough guy you fucking idiot. So don't think I'm here puffing my chest to show you how tough I am. I'm talking shit to make you realize how dumb you are.

    It's not about being a rookie. It's common sense.

    How do you think your shit made it through customs? Do you think it would have if it was labeled "ILLEGAL DRUGS INSIDE. testosterone INSIDE. DO NOT OPEN."

    Steal shipping is common sense. It even says that on their website. It's why you paid so much for shipping.

    Also this.
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  10. RobertL

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    That's the thing.. How do you not even check? You paid $50 for stealth shipping. It states it's stealth shipping.

    Blows my mind.

    I walked away from meso for a little bit too cause I was getting too riled up.. Had to sign back in when I saw that post.
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    I'll break it down for u nice n simple

    Step 1: U have to put on a dress
    Step 2: rub all the moisturizer all over ur girls naked body
    Step 3: take pics of steps 1 & 2
    Step 4: post pics here
    Step 5: put the empty moisturizer containers under ur pillow on the 1st full moon of the month (very important)
    Step 5: the purple panda fairy will come n replace them with what u ordered.

    "It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again."
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    Fuck you. 5 weeks and counting lol
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    Thanks bro. I got it. Sorry fellas, I really am. I would be pissed as well
  14. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

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    Probably so I'm not sure when.
  15. bob hughes

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    Straight comedy. Complete and total tard. Im just trying to wrap my mind around the thought process here leading to that post
  16. Wood4days

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    Wow he actually posted that? LoL amazing how dumb people can be. Common sense isn’t working
  17. ulfbehrt

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    Well said. There's just no cure for stupid unfortunately :p
  18. Wood4days

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    You’re need to be banned from the internet.

    Did you take your smart pills today?
  19. BigFNFrank

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    Sorry fellas. I really am
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  20. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

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    Started out on 200mg and 250mg sust for now probably lower the sust when the trest starts