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    I knew someone was gonna post some dog shit and reveal the shipping. Fucking amateur twatwaffles smh. For that asshole that did that. 387,765 our fathers and 489,632 Hail Marie’s for your penance
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    True bro, but a tree can’t have branches without roots. Had he not planted the root, the branches never would have appeared. Just sayin
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    Bet this dude is the type of guy to get rolled by a hooker and then call the cops ha ha.

    "See I was just trying to pay for sex Mr. Officer then......." lol ;)
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    Shame on you for bringing religion into this lol.
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    Shit has been posted several times already...people are fucking idiots
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    Some more than others unfortunately!
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  7. Sorry guys for quoting the guys post. Idiotic move on my part. No excuse can take it back. I fell off a ladder yesterday and broke my t11 vertebrae. I'm high on pain meds and not thinking 100%. Doesn' take back my dumb ads move, all I can do is say sorry.
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    Competition creates account

    Competition orders

    Competition reveals stealth

    LATER.... accusations of under dosed, and not “working”

    Feels like a PC thread now
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    The one nice thing is you know the stealth is bad ass if all these people legitimately think they got send some random shit instead of their order.
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    Fellas I apologize. I owned up to it. Ordered from other sources back in the day and it was not like this. This stealth in all honesty is bad ass. Just fucking relax, it aint the end of the fucking world. The package for ya information was delayed over 30 days however communication was good where they were going to send me another package, luckily it arrived . Had issues ordering shit from China also in the past and thought i ran into some similar BS like i did.

    Hope you guys have a good New Yrs. Love the forum.
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    Look I know you made a mistake and everybody makes mistakes but you saying “relax and it isn’t the end of the world” is rediculous. I don’t think you understand the seriousness of you posting info like that. You put the source at risk with le and you put everybody who is waiting on a pack and at risk with customs and getting there shit seized, not just them but everybody who has been using this source for the past several months and had success your putting them at risk for for not having this source anymore. So you saying “relax” to everybody who flamed you is kinda like you saying fuck yiu to everybody in this thread. So with all due respect realize what you did and the seriousness and why people are mad and stop telling people to relax.
    Happy new year to you.
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    Anyone know like how much time take to receive the order in USA?
  13. Master Baiter

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    That's where you're wrong. It has nothing to do with being tough, it's 100% about not destroying a good thing for everyone.
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    Long long time.
    One 30 days
    Another is 37 and counting
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    @PurplePandaLabs Rep. can you check with panda and see when intl DNP will restock. Every time I go to cop it’s not in stock.
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    Well, after my whole situation went down I decided to push my cycle start date back. Since panda and his rep took good care of me I decided to re order from them. Looks like I'm going to be running some test/tren/mast/tbol for 5 weeks, then finish off with test/tren/mast/Anavar for 5 more. Anyone have any experience running tbol with these compounds?
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    Tbol is fun stuff and a perfect fit with everything else you plan to run. If you plan to run an oral for 10 weeks straight make sure you avoid booze.

    I've rotated between dbol and adrol for 16 weeks before and the gains were plenty, but i felt like total shit at the end.
  18. Domino23

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    Sweet! Looking to just stay lean and add hard dry gains this cycle. Never ran Tbol but after some research it seemed like a perfect oral kickstart. Also im a recovering heroin addict so luckily for me i don't have to worry about the booze issue.
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    Well don't let the gear be a crutch dude you feel me? Stay smart and in control :)
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