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  1. You obviously learned a valuable lesson. You definitely weren't the first, and definitely won't be the last to post TMI. Seems to happen every six months or so, in this thread.

    Anywho, i'm sure you figured out by now how to locate your merchandise. Hopefully it treats you well.
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  2. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

    PurplePandaLabs Rep. Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    It's great to see your in recovery we all have struggles nothing that can't be overcome tho.
  3. Congratulations brother! Last time I shot meth was November 10th 2005. Now I have a beautiful family. Third baby on the way with my beautiful bride and a small business. Keep strong brother! The sky is the limit!
  4. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    Agree tbol is great. Run it at 60mg daily. It will mix in nice with the other compounds in your cycle. Have fun be safe.
  5. prada

    prada Junior Member

    The 10% code of 79e06a41 isn't working anymore. Is there another one?
  6. LordSamuilo

    LordSamuilo Member

    b27a1179 worked for me yesterday ..
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  7. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

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    Just a little update about domestic we will reopen as you can see there will not be a rush into it stock will be up to participate along with photos of setup I have seen some of them and he has a very good setup to begin with but we are sending more stuff to upgrade like bigger hepa filters sanitation supplies bigger flow hood.
    And I will welcome all scrutiny once we begin to post pictures.
    Plus we will have a large selection of pressed tabs in the nice zip look packs.
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  8. prada

    prada Junior Member

    Thanks man. :)
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  9. LordSamuilo

    LordSamuilo Member

    No problem buddy.
  10. LordSamuilo

    LordSamuilo Member

    @PurplePandaLabs Rep. Any idea if domestic raws are in the process of getting restocked ? The cabinets are starting look pretty bare ...
  11. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    Glad to see panda didn't take this lightly. Make sure all the pictures have meso and the date with a picture of a rabbit

    We don't want to see some generic ass photos.
  12. ulfbehrt

    ulfbehrt Member

    Fuck a rabbit, have a naked chick standing there with the date and Meso written across her body......OR on her ass and get her to bend over lol. That's the Meso way ain't it ;)
  13. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

    PurplePandaLabs Rep. Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    We need a picture of your avi beside it .
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  14. PurplePandaLabs Rep.

    PurplePandaLabs Rep. Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    We are having a issue with a reshipper
    We are trying to get it handled quickly
    I can't really say much else.
    But we are working as fast as possible.
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  15. Seve

    Seve Member

    I wonder if there is any correlation between prior drug addiction and AAS use? From what I see there are a lot of former addicts here(myself included). I am hooked on AAS.
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  16. mayweather

    mayweather Member

    It becomes a new ritual and you get endorphins of it. It also constantly reminds you that if you use drugs again you will lose all you have worked for. I strongly believe in healthy body is a healthy mind.
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  17. Master Baiter

    Master Baiter Junior Member

    I think that anyone who does AAS has an addictive personality. Whether it's addicted to drugs, addicted to fitness or whatever I bet if you look at anyone of us we do a lot of things to the extreme.
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  18. Domino23

    Domino23 Member

    Congratulations man that's incredible! I celebrated 2 years on December 2nd. Seems to be a lot of guys in recovery on here. Me and my girl are trying now to have one actually, part of the reason I have been delaying my cycle as well
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  19. ulfbehrt

    ulfbehrt Member

    LOTS of guys have got their woman preggo when on cycle. I remember a debate YEARS ago on SSB about guys on tren always ended up producing girls lol. Blast some hcg and hmg and you should have your old lady knocked up in no time if plumbing is all in order :)

    Congrats brother ;)
  20. ulfbehrt

    ulfbehrt Member

    I do not think so. I know fellas been running gear since they were 20ish and never done anything aside from a beer now and then. Then you get clown like Rich who give us all a bad name!