Recovering addicts

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wedorecover, May 6, 2016.

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    Me too hahah!
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    Currently doing a cycle log, that is also log of my recovery from suboxone. I'm documenting my day to day experience with detoxing and weaning myself off opiates, while also logging my diet, training, and cycle details. You guys should follow along.

    Freak Under Construction Cycle Log
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    Good luck brother, it's been a long road filled with cops and traffic for me. Smooth sailing now, I won't look back!

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    Glad to see so many doing well. It's an uphill battle for sure. It sounds like fitness is a big part of recovery for most of you. I know fitness has become a central part of my life again..
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    Somewhere around 2002 but I'm not completely clean on suboxone. I spent many years doing everything just about. But got to shooting ice and got in a real bad place. Did some time. And then I met what is now my wife we helped each other with our demons .I still know that this suboxone shit is not for me but to be honest I'm afraid to let go of it. but I want to if that makes any kind of sense. I know I'm using it as a crutch. I havnt had any problem with doing any of the other things that I used to sense I have been on the suboxone so it has helped me. But I often wonder what it would be like to be sober.

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    Getting off from Suboxone was one of the best things I have ever done man! Only do it when you're ready, it's a hardcore detox!

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    Did you go cold turkey from subs if so what dose were you on? Or did you taper? It was that bad? How long were you fucked up for? After did you feel normal or is it like quitting opiates where even when the physical shit is over you still feel messed up?
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    Been in a facility since Nov 2015. Got off methadone Apr 2016 but went on suboxone. Didn't trust my past track record as far as relapsing goes but I'm seriously considering getting off. Only on 4mg so hopefully it will go alright.
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    Make sure your stable enough to do so, life style wise.

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    That's why I have to do it now while I'm in a safe environment. I'm the 1st person they've ever5let go on subs after detoxing off meth and I thought at the time it was the best decision for me but I'm feeling the long term symptoms...depression, lethargy, high anxiety. Can't deal with feeling like this anymore.
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    Good luck bro .

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    I believe in you, it's a tough detox but possible if you have the drive!

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    Feb 19 2014...
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    Pulling for you man.
    Hope you are doing good working towards your goal.
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    Hey guys. So my girl has been on subs for 3 years now taking 24+mg a day. Is there any way of getting off from that? I understand being an addict. I've came off alcohol, oxys and xanax before. Alcohol being the worst for me but I drank an ungodly amount of liqueur a day erryday. She wants me to give her xanax to help her come off of it but I know she likes xanax too much and will get addicted to them quick. I've taken subs rec and know how strong they are, I would rather come off pretty much anything before them if I was on them for a long time.
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    24Mg a day is a detox dose....too much to be on that long. She needs to wean down considerably
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    And yeah the sub Dr is nothing but a legitimate drug dealer. He doesn't want his patients to get off. They pay for his Mercedes and porche and whatever else he does with his shitloads of cash.
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    That's what I told her but when she has them she takes them but says she wants to get off. I completely understand the addict way of thinking, I've been there. I've seen her take 7 in one day before.