Should hCG be kept frozen for later use?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Michael Scally MD, Jun 26, 2013.

Can hCG be kept frozen for later use?

  1. Yes

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  1. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Not Crisler NN!! No!!
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  2. ATodd

    ATodd Member

    As much fun as that sounds, I think I'll just continue to buy in 2000 i.u. increments and reconstitute every few days rather than freeze the larger doses (possibly render inert) and save a whopping $3-$4. It's one of those things i'd like to know, but won't loose any sleep over. Now, whether or not Jamie Lee Curtis is a hemaphrodite or not, that's another story.......
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  3. Interesting reply. But the truth is, it all just conjecture. However, your animosity is quite clear too.

    Id be more than willing to listen to your arguments if they weren't so one sided. And if your comments weren't so empty and void of any real evidence supporting your claims, i may be inclined to stick around and read them. But i have better things to do than read your hate mail.

    No offense. I usually enjoy your comments and ideas.
  4. Have i completely missed something??
  5. I'm not sure if this was addressed to me but I'm not sympathetic to those promoting quackery and I make no attempt to hide my contempt for such people in my posts. That's just the way I am, sports fans. ;)

    Crisler is a convicted wife beater:

    It's not my comments that are void of evidence but Chrisler's. I can't prove a negative; it's up to Crisler to prove adrenal fatigue and reverse t3 dominance are real diseases. They are not, nor do they exist in the literature.

    Now you may ask why would a physician treat a disease that doesn't exist? Or isn't known to exist? One (unlikely) possibility is that he has discovered a previously unknown disease. But, if that were the case, he surely would have published his findings. Since he hasn't, one can safely conclude the reason is because Crisler knows his hypotheses won't withstand the scrutiny of peer review. Now, it's also possible that he truly believes in these diseases without evidence, but that's not practicing evidence based medicine, it's religion. Hence the reference to cult leader Jim Jones.

    However, the most likely reason a physician might treat a fictitious disease - and this is usually always the case - is money.

    In regards to your comment that Crisler is "highly respected" in the field of medicine, I offer the following op-ed:

    Dr. Crisler, I fear for your medical soul

    "I have no idea if what Crisler does is legal or not, but in my opinion, it is extremely unethical."

    As far as supporting my statement that Crisler resorts to personal attacks and childish insults when challenged for his bullshit by those who know better, he is famous for it. This example is the administrator of a hair loss forum having to admonish Crisler for his belligerence. There are countless other examples:

    "Dr. Crisler

    While I appreciate hearing your opinions on hormonal issues, I have a hard time reading through most of your posts because they are so full of unnecessary personal attacks.

    It's against our forum rules to engage in unnecessary personal attacks like you have been doing.

    While I respect the fact that you feel you are being disrespected here, I don't see anywhere near the level of personal attacks being levelled against you, as you are levelling against others.

    People have the right to question others and I don't feel that they should somehow be presented as a stalker, a nitwit, a shill for a drug company, lacking in manhood or possessing any other character flaw simply for doing so.

    Please refrain from these attacks otherwise I am going to close this thread."​
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  6. mr.anabolic

    mr.anabolic Junior Member

    Datbtrue is the greatest expert on peptides and he says you can freeze your hcg after reconstituted and use it until the expiration date
  7. Bigup7

    Bigup7 Member

    READING through this thread made me more confused than i was initially so i think i will just follow the instructions tht come with the vial.
  8. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    i think the question should be why would you want to freeze it when it is so cheap ,
  9. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    I have discussed this topic before and the data I can find isn't plenty in regards to damage to the protein in hcg from freezing it or freeze-thaw cycles.
    The question itself is very basic, but when it comes to application the question should read.
    "Is it a better idea to freeze some hCG if you are planning on using it for 10 weeks or more?"

    You have to consider the rate the hCG will denature in the refrigerator, in which I cannot find any data on this either. Versus the amount of damage done to the proteins in hCG from freezing it.

    I would say it is on a situation to situation basis. If I got a 11k hcg vial and would pose myself the question, should I freeze half of it for later use and use half now(if I need to only use 5.5k that is) I would opt to freeze half.
  10. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    It's not cheap from compounding pharmacies..
  11. engival

    engival Member

    Been FREEZING hcg for about 5 years now... works PERFECTLY
  12. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    How did you come to this conclusion?

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  13. engival

    engival Member

    MY ball size and I'm still fertile
  14. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    I'm still fertile while on AAS. Got my girl pregnant right in the middle of a blast. My balls are a great size and I'm on TRT, cruise and blast

    Is that all you have? I'm a little confused by your statement.

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  15. Afguy901

    Afguy901 Member

    Sorry if this is an ignorant question but should it be kept in the refrigerator? I don't freeze mine but I do keep it in the fridge
  16. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    DO NOT freeze. Refrigerator is good :)

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  17. RandallNowan

    RandallNowan Member Supporter

    My hcg was re-frozen... Still caused major testicular regrowth.
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  18. Well you can understand why Big Pharma doesn't want people to freeze it. It would cut into their profits. So we cant expect them to come out with a study saying that freezing it is acceptable.

    I will try the experiment myself. Mix the 5000iu of powder with 5000mg of sterile water (not bac water)

    Take three of the 5ML vials and fill one with 2000iu, the next with 2000iu and the 3rd with 1000iu.

    Place vial one in the refrigerator to use up within 30 days. Place vials 2 and 3 in the freezer. One day before needed I will take vial 2 out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator to thaw out slowly over 24 hours.
  19. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Sorry for the troll but when you post now alI I can think of is ^^^^ :rolleyes: Pee wee ? Shot yourself in the foot on that one:confused:
  20. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member


    How will you quantify the results? I am just curious.