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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by simplysteds, May 24, 2018.

  1. Eman

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    You just sell other Excel gear? Does that really make any sense to you?

    Where is your lab testing?
  2. simplysteds

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    Your concern is valid and justified.

    We will continue to monitor our customer's feedback regarding Excel's products.
  3. simplysteds

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    It makes sense to our customers who are searching for cost effective steroid options from a recognized brand.

    Though you may feel that they are recognized for the wrong reasons within this forum (as we have come to understand) please understand that prior to moving our services online we have been selling steroids and other pharmaceuticals for years and in our experience (and i'm sure you can agree) most brands fluctuate in quality, potency and dosage.

    Similarly with Excel Pharma, yes their Anavar had some tests done on potency and dosage which came back with negative results. As we have reiterated numerous times in this thread we do not sell this product.

    Furthermore, we have not had any issues or negative feedback with any other of the products Excel Pharma offer. On the first hint of problems with any of the products we sell both online and offline we would suspend sales and investigate the problem.

    Regarding testing;
    As we stated in our earlier reply, if there are any products in particular which we stock that you have reasonable grounds to believe are counterfeit or bunk we would look to provide lab testing to prove otherwise.
  4. Oh, burn!
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    623428B8-ADF8-41A2-BE65-44005E6F9CA9.jpeg Sometimes i talk in pictures so to say..

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    @simplysteds let us know when you start brewing your own gear, maybe that wont be bunk.
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    Yeah good idea. Skip Excel and make your own brand. Must be easier to sell.
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    You're not wrong haha

    We've never had any issues when selling Excel locally so it did catch us off guard seeing so much negative stigma around Excel on this forum.

    We will continue to promote our services as a re seller with fast, guaranteed deliveries for now and may look to remove Excel from our online store pending discussion with my team.
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    So a girl needs to grow a dick before you test your gear?

    Get fucked.
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    You don't know the official website of the gear you're trying to push...?
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    Reasonable grounds does not mean genital mutation.
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    We do not sell Excel Pharma Athenavar. And we work with our customers to ensure we only stock products that meet their requirements.

    From our previous reply;

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    Simply Steds = Simply Dead

    Nuff said.
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    The only official website you need to know is;
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    When my wife asks what I want for dinner...

    Simply Head